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March 31st, 2017

Beyonce’s Best Hair Moments.

I never tire of looking at Beyonce whip her hair.

I love it almost as much as wind machines and good choreography.

Which she also slays.

In deep reverence of what has come before, my ode to what’s no longer.

Here’s a look at her halcyon hair days when Bey had extensions and glitter to burn.








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  • Corina

    I don’t think you will have to wait long to see them again Paula. Proportionally Beyonce needs big hair and I really don’t think her crop suits her. I will give her a month tops before she is in the hairdressers chair 😉

  • Helen

    This is exactly what I meant by my comment on Thursday – her style simply does not suit this new haircut. Everything about her is over the top – her body, her persona, her beauty – it doesn’t go with a simple, chic hairstyle. You can’t replace any of the photos above with a pixie cut and have it portray Beyonce as we know her.

  • I’m wondering what she did with all of the hair. I’m currently growing mine out to donate to the Beautiful Lengths programme that turns donated hair into wigs for women who have lost theirs through treatment for cancer. Imagine that silver lining – losing yours but then getting to rock Bey’s hair!

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