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October 27th, 2012

How To: Bright Lipstick.

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Bright lipstick is a game changer. Once you get into the groove of a poppy pout it’s pretty addictive.

Finding the right shades for your skin type is a trial and error process – just like buying jeans you have to put in the work. The myth is that there will be certain colours that won’t suit you- this is not true.

There absolutley is the perfect red, pink and orange for you: it’s all about finding your happy place on each colour wheel.

The Red

Don’t leave it too late in life to start wearing red lipstick. Most things it’s never too late for but there will come a day when your lips say ‘No’ to red. I love this colour – it’s a true screen siren gloss with a rich blue base. High maintenance but worth it.


CLICK TO BUY: MAC Lipstick in ‘Russian Red’, $36.

The Pink

I’m mad about fuchsia. Love it on everything from shoes to flowers. This is the perfect fuchsia for my colouring – extra bright with a blue base.


CLICK TO BUY: MAC Beth Ditto Pro Longwear Lipcreme in ‘Dear Diary’, $40.

Here’s an example of how not all shades in one family will suit you. This pale pink is too opaque in its finish and too light for my hair and skin. I’m probably also a little too old to wear this kind of candy finish as well.


The Orange

You know my thoughts on orange – it makes you look healthier in seconds, every woman needs at least one tangerine lipstick. The End.

I’m a long time MAC Morange devotee but this new shade is a little punchier and has a slightly sheerer finish.


CLICK TO BUY: MAC Beth Ditto Pro Longwear Lipcreme in ‘Booyah!!!’, $40.

The Bright Lipstick Low-down.

We asked Senior Make-Up Artist from MAC, Nicole Thompson for her best match lip buys for your skin tone. Go nuts.

Fair Skin

Clemence Poesy & Zooey Deschanel

Electric pops of colour look divine against alabaster skin.

Your colours: Try blue-based cherry reds, violets, coral oranges and candy pinks.

Product picks:

MAC Lipstick

(L-R) MAC Russian Red Lipstick (looks especially great with Redheads), $36Up the Amp Lipstick (dark hair), $36Morange Lipstick (blonde hair), $36St Germaine Lipstick (blonde or dark hair), $36.

Expert tip:
If a neon pout is something you need to warm up to, wear it as a stain first. Simply paint on the colour, blot with a tissue, then blend it into your lips further with your fingertip. Finish off your stain with a lick of a neutral coloured gloss to tone it down even further. 
The more you wear it the more you will get enjoy it.

Olive Skin

Your colours:
Try warm shades like rusty copper oranges, tomato red and peachy pinks to bring out your tan.

Product picks:

MAC Lipstick

(L-R) MAC Lady Danger Lipstick (red hair), $36Vegas Volt Lipstick (blonde hair), $36So Chaud Lipstick (dark hair), $36.

Expert tips:
If you are choosing a matte texture, make sure to keep your skin luminous to stop the whole thing from looking overdone. Try cream blushes and gold shimmery shadows.

Stick with this season’s monocromatic trend and dab a little of the lipstick you choose onto the apples of your cheeks and blend in with your fingers.

Dark Skin

With darker hair, you either need to go a little deeper in tone, or amplify the colour to have it stand out.

Your colours:
Tangerines, blood reds, magenta pinks and plum violets look great.

Product picks:

MAC Lipstick

(L-R) MAC Diva Lipstick, $36, with MAC Brick Lip Pencil, $30; Violetta Lipstick, $36, with Plum Lip Pencil, $30Girl About Town Lipstick, $36, with Magenta Lip Pencil, $30;

Expert tips:
The best way to get a more intense finish is to put down a base to help the colour to pop! Make sure you prime the lips for a longer wear, and completely colour in your lips with a lip pencil before painting on your lipstick.

If you want your lips to look fuller, finish with a high shine, reflective gloss.
 And if you want to reduce the size appearance of your lips, stick with a matte finish.


NOTE: Before you ask – no, this is not a sponsored post.




  • Cat

    That fuchsia lipstick you are wearing is actually to die for. You should wear it everyday. I have similar colouring to you and I’m visiting the MAC store tomorrow on my lunch break. The great news is in North America where I live, they are only $14.00 – BARGAIN! 

  • Kristystephens

    Paula you make me want to put lipstick on Right Now!!!!!

  • Leeanne

    Paula I know you said there is a shade for everyone but I just cannot do bright lipstick. 

  • PaulaJoye

    Leanne – repeat after me: YES I CAN!
    It’s just a mental shift. There is a shade out there for you.
    Promise. And they are so much fun….

  • PaulaJoye

    Yay! Do it.

  • PaulaJoye

    It’s pretty fabulous Cat.
    You want be sad.

  • Kylie2

    I bought a bright lipstick by accident and I love it. I wanted one of the new Revlon lip butters. Priceline had run out of the colour I wanted so I chose the closest one, Raspberry Pie. It’s way brighter than I would normally wear but its’ really pretty.
    I am blonde with fair (cool toned) skin

  • Soula

    I recently did this recently with a lovely Fuschia Pink by Armani,loved the look,but I think it made my broad nose stand out and look worse

  • Stefanie

    Thanks Paula & Nicole. Will give the colours a try, nice to have a change. Just had a look at the many lipsticks I own and they are all variations of the one colour, just different brands !!

  • Zaynep

    I have purchased many bright shades of lippy and i LOVE THEM!! More imporatntly im loving your necklace :)

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  • Emma

    I’ve tried to find the MAC colour ‘Dear Diary’ that you mention you are wearing (the fuschia pink), however the store said it hadn’t come out yet and it’s not online? Any other suggestion for a similar colour?

  • Jul

    Hai Paula, what shade of tangerine lipstick would you recommend for dark skin?

  • Cassandra

    Wow Paula you’re such a babe! I just bought Nars ‘Jungle Red’ – perfect!

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