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September 20th, 2013

Hollywood Glamour Hair.

Hollywood Glamour Hair.

The Veronica Lake, Gene Harlow, Marilyn Monroe kind.

Glossy, smooth and swished to one side.

Here, the TONI&GUY team recreate that glossy, shiny wave to perfection.

Super glam – here’s how to re-create the look.

PJ xx

How To Get Old Style Hollywood Hair.


Start with clean, wet hair. Massage hair mousse through the roots for lift and hold.

Blow-dry your hair smooth. Better yet, let someone else do it and catch up your emails while you sit back and relax.

Now to tong some waves. Start from the mid-lengths – you want them to be loose.

Create a deep part to the left and bobby pin at the nape of the neck so it sits swept over to one side.

What You Need.

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