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August 7th, 2012

How To: Red Lipstick.

How To: Red Lipstick.

I’m re-posting this video tutorial because I’ve received so many emails about how-to wear red lipstick and this one is excellent.

I shot it in LA at the Hollywood HQ of Napoleon Perdis. I’ve always been a little scared of red lipstick – love it on other women but never managed to get it right myself. I thought there was no better time to tick it off my beauty bucket list than in Hollywood with the Glamour Master himself.

The verdict: Red lipstick really is quite miraculous. A game changer. I had literally gotten off a plane two hours before this video was shot (exhibit bags under eyes and I’m wearing no make-up except for tinted moisturiser and mascara. The red lip totally woke up my whole face and made me look infinitely more polished.

The sunglasses helped too – let me know how you go with your red moment.

The How To.

What You Need.

CLICK TO BUY: DeVine Goddess Lipstick in Xenia,$33 from Napoleon Perdis;Lip Liner Pencil in Rococco Red, $25 from Napoleon Perdis; Sable Brush Lips. $32 from Napoleon Perdis

Red Lipspiration.

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  • Groomstreet

    What colour did he put on you? Was it the xenia?
    So excited your site is up! Go girl – you will kill it!!

  • Dulcie

    Ohhhhhh, gorgeous, I love it. I, too, am petrified of the red lip but have thought about it often. I tried it today and kinda reeeeeaallly loved it. Thanks Paula!

  • Anonymous

    Good on you. It’s fun right? Makes everything look more put together.

  • Miss_5ft0

    Love a good red lippie – I think I’ve got 3 red lipsticks sitting at home already.

  • Bonhal

    I’d do a red lip more often if it wasn’t so high maintenance! Can you recommend a good lippy that STAYS on and doesn’t need reapplication every 20 minutes?

  • Jo Bayley

    I LOVE a red lip! My fave is Russian Red by MAC. Perfect blue based red and it stays on!

  • indi

    The NARS crayon lipsticks are the best for staying on


    The shop assistants in Prada have Chanel No 20 (pretty sure that is the correct number) assigned as part of their uniform. It always looks divine.

  • Anastasia

    i used to wear Red lipstick all the time! now days I just wear a clear pink or plum gloss and I find any lipstick to look odd on me – i need to get back into wearing it!

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