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October 15th, 2012

Give Good Avatar.


Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram… life’s become an avatar! Personally I’m a big fan props and a smart phone filter. Everything looks better with some grain, frame and a tiara.

Also sunglasses. They keep some mystery in a snap and eliminate the need for make-up. Here are my Top Five Tips to looking good in a polaroid/picture/selfie and some advice from the experts.

 The Steps.

1. How often do you see a photo of yourself and hate your chin? Once you’ve found the best angle for your face you need to refine it with this fool-proof move. Start with your chin flat to the camera lens and then tilt it down toward your chest. Just ever so slightly. It’s a fractional movement. Do this just before the picture is taken. It’s the fastest way to look better in a shot. Promise. It’s revolutionary.

2. Everybody has a ‘good side. It’s the angle at which your face looks best on film. The only way to find this angle is by practicing. In front of the mirror. So, check your self-consciousness at the door, pull you hair back and literally tilt your face from one side to the other. Watch how the light catches the planes of your face. Where do the shadows fall? It will become obvious very quickly which side is your best. An angle that works well on most people is a celebrity red carpet favourite: turn your body slightly side-on to the camera. Next tilt your face until it’s almost over your shoulder and then smile. This angle will accentuate your cheekbones and give your eyes a little feline slant.

3. When it comes to full body shots the difference between a good and a bad picture is posing. As ridiculous as it may make you feel being aware of your body is essential. Kim Kardashian’s signature red-carpet stance is universally flattering and works on every shape and size. Just try it: Take the weight off one leg, and move it to the hip on the other side. Turn your body so it isn’t front-on to the camera. Keep your ankles together and place one hand on your hip

4. I love luminisers but shine does not look good on film. In fact it turns your face into a Christmas decoration. Especially if there’s flash involved. Carry a translucent powder compact in your handbag and dust your face before your picture is taken. Concentrate on the t-zone – forehead, bridge of the nose and chin. Creating a matte surface will make your skin and features look more defined and even

5. People that look good in photos do two things: 1) they practice and 2) they tell the photographer what to do. When you’re in a party situation don’t be shy in coming forward with suggestions for the snapper. Elevation will create the most flattering perspective – everyone appears slimmer, longer and leaner. So if you’re sitting down, ask the photographer to stand up to take the picture. If you’re standing, don’t be afraid to ask them to get on a chair or raise the camera up above their head (a no brainer with digital). Finally never, ever let your photo be taken from below. Ever.

The Snap.

Sydney Photographer, Esteban La Tessa parts his wisdom on camera angles and poses that flatter in photos.

What’s the biggest mistake people make with their profile picture?
I would say the biggest mistake is taking their own profile picture. Most profile pics are also usually taken from a very low or very high angle, which are both very unflattering.

What are the top poses you recommend?
Every person is different, so there’s not one pose that fits all. Look in the mirror and work out if you have a “best” side and flaunt it in photographs whenever you can.

A three-quarter profile tends to highlight the cheekbones and jaw lines and make the body appear slimmer.

Always remember to roll your shoulders back and extend your neck. Bringing your chin up can sometimes help reduce the double-chin appearance.

What are some simple steps to making yourself look better when taking your profile picture?
Practice in front of a mirror or get a friend to take your picture. It always helps having someone on the other side of the camera that you trust and can relax with.

What advice do you have for the camera shy (or un-photogenic)?
Don’t try to be someone you are not. Relax and be yourself. Nothing looks better on a photograph than confidence and honesty.

What angle should the photographer shoot from for the best possible picture?
This is a tricky one since all bodies and faces are different. Start shooting at eye level and see what it looks like. Just don’t take the photo too high as it will make your head look bigger and your legs tiny, or too low which can make your legs look big and your head small. Standing back helps avoid image distortion.

Any insider secrets to looking great in photos?
There should be a good connection between the model (you) and the photographer. Relax your mouth and eyes as these two areas show if you are nervous on photographs.

Any tips for colours or clothing that show up the best in photos? Anything that should be avoided?
Wear clothes that suit and complement your body shape. Bold colours can be great, just go for something that matches your skin tone and hair colour.

The Slap.

Lori Taylor, Head of Artistry for Smashbox shares her top make-up tips for a flawless photo-ready face.

What’s the biggest mistake people make with their profile picture?
Being over-posed and made up.  You should always strive to be the best, most natural you. Some of the best pics are the ones where you’re caught off-guard!

What are five simple steps to making yourself look better when taking your profile picture?
 Always prime your skin.

2.  Apply foundation only where you need coverage!

3.  Be sure your brows are groomed and polished.

4.  Use a lip colour that pops.

5.  Face the light, or hold the camera at an angle where the light hits evenly across your face.

What’s the best make-up look for a profile picture?
Natural! You should look like you’re not wearing make-up. Avoid over-using powders, which can look cakey. The best skin is even, shine-free and radiant.

Any insider secrets to looking great in photos?
Snap a few shots at once. It’s usually the pics where you’re more relaxed and not overly posed that come out the best. 

The Spin.

The smart phone is hour photos best friend – there is not much you can’t do with the press of a button or the download of an app. Make them your friend.

Best Photo Apps: PhotoToaster, Instagram, Facebook (new features on photo upload are great), CrossProcess, Pixllromatic

Best Filters: Lo-Fi, X-Pro, Amaro, Valenica and Inkwell.

Then you should also…

Sharpen: Sharpening increases contrast and makes objects pop out and improves the color. Beware with over sharpening because it can highlight lines, dark circles and add too much grain.

Crop: Sometimes, the only thing a photo needs to become a stronger photo is good cropping. Are there people in the background or an ugly bin? Get rid of it. the composition of a photo is half the challenge.

Black and White: Everything and everyone looks better in black and white. It adds intrigue, drama and gloss o your profile.

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