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June 25th, 2013

The $5 Hair Trick.

The $5 Hair Trick.

Got $5? Got 2 minutes?

This hairstyle is quick, sexy and practically free.

Living for this look from Cacharel’s  A/W 2012 Paris show.

Coloured bobby pins clipped in a row like barrettes.


This is as simple as hairstyles get and works on any length.

Cacharel A/W 2012 Hair

The hair was styled into a low, soft and knotted bun at the nape of the neck. Then to keep the hair from falling over the model’s face, given the deep side part, four coloured bobby pins were used to secure the twisted fringe at the temple. In red or aqua. So easy yet so magnificent.

Cacharel A/W 2012 Hair


CLICK TO BUY: Candy coloured bobby pins from Kit, $7.95.


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