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August 30th, 2012

Women We Love: Alice Hampton.


Meet Alice Hampton, Communications Manager for Estée Lauder & Tom Ford Beauty. She is just like Jennifer Aniston  – always glossy and groomed. Even in her workout gear. Never too much make-up, never over-dressed, glowy, healthy skin, shiny hair – she’s one of those women who make it look effortless. Just like Aniston, she’s also kind, funny, warm and genuine.

Working in the beauty industry means Alice is surrounded by all sorts of potions and has access to all the best tricks – here she shares the love and  takes us inside her wardrobe and home.

Two words: Shoe Closet.

The Beauty PR World.

How did you get into the world of PR?
Whilst doing a Communications degree at uni I was lucky enough to be offered a PR internship at De Beers which had me at ‘Hello’!

What is the favourite thing about your job?
The number of amazing and inspiring people I get to interact with every day, both locally and abroad – of course it is great to be the market leader (in prestige cosmetics) but then to be able to do that for a company that values its staff and is so well respected within the industry, it really makes going to work a pleasure.

What inspires you?
People who are passionate and work hard to achieve their goals but who then use their success and position as a way to help others or raise awareness for important causes.

Inside Her Beauty Cupboard.

What product can’t you stop raving about?
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair… it is seriously the one product every woman should own. CLICK TO BUY

What is your go-to beauty product (or tip) for looking glam in a second?
First and foremost a blow-dry from Josh Brown at the Blowdry Boutique in Double Bay is an absolute must as he does the best blows in the biz. When it comes to make-up I tend to go with a more matte eye shadow for day so if I am going straight from the office to an evening event and don’t have time to redo my make-up, I just go over the top with an eye shadow that has more sparkle (the Tom Ford Eye Shadow Quad in Golden Mink is my current obsession) and I also add lashings of mascara (either Estee Lauder TurboLash or Magnascopic in Black) and suddenly you can make tired eyes sparkle in an instant. 

What three beauty products could you not live without?
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color in Pink Dusk and an SPF 30 Sunscreen.

What is the best piece of beauty advice you’ve picked up in the industry?
Aerin Lauder once shared a tip that she always rubs the leftover Advanced Night Repair Serum on to the back of her hands which is now a habit I do every night.

What’s your favourite way to spoil yourself?
A massage, a facial or a holiday somewhere fabulous… top of my list is Aspen or Mexico.

How often do have your hair blow-dried?
As my hair is so thick it takes me forever to do so I usually get a blow-dry at least once or twice a week so I don’t have to worry about it.

How often do you visit the hairdresser?
I visit Belinda at La Boutique in Double Bay every six weeks for my colour as she is without a doubt the best colourist in Sydney.

What’s your typical work make-up look?
For day I tend to keep it fairly simple with a lip gloss, mascara and a bronzing powder or blush however for night I usually pay more emphasise on the eyes by introducing a sparkly, shimmery eye shadow usually in a gold colour palette framed by both a brown and a black kohl eye pencil (brown on the outside, black on the inside) which is a great colour combination that works well with blue eyes.

What is the best trick you’ve learnt from make-up artists over the years?
Tom Pecheux (Creative Makeup Director for Estee Lauder) recently told us that when he is on a shoot or backstage at the shows, he likes to use a brown mascara on the bottom lashes and a black mascara on the top to really make the models eyes pop. As soon as our R&D team heard this they created the dual ended Sumptuous Two-Toned Mascara which we have just launched in Australia so you can have your brown and black mascara fix in one.

What beauty products do you always carry in your handbag?
A selection of make-up that covers me for both day and night in case I get called to a last minute work dinner or event that I hadn’t planned.

How has your skincare routine changed from your twenties to your thirties?
I am definitely more conscious of my skincare regime in my thirties and make sure I use a serum, eye cream, moisturiser and sunscreen every day whereas in the past I might have been more relaxed with missing a step or two.

Confession time. What beauty crime are you guilty of?
As a lover of make-up my worst beauty crime is probably not cleaning out my make-up bag as often as I should. I tend to hold on to pieces from certain colour stories long after they should have been shown the bin.

What was the latest beauty product to amaze you?
The Tom Ford Brow Sculptor is amazing. Not only does it have a unique calligraphy tip that allows application from thin to wide depending on your brow shape, but at the other end it includes a grooming brush which can then be unscrewed to reveal a custom-built filing sharpener. So incredible and something only Mr. Ford would think of! 

What is your weekly exercise regimen?
I see my trainer Jonathan Cawte from Aspire Health & Performance in Paddington twice a week as he has developed a great weights program to rebuild the muscle I lost from various surgeries and sprains over the years. Plus he makes working out with weights (something I hadn’t really done a lot of before) really fun. On the other days I try to top that up with a little bit of cardio on the cross trainer at the gym or a walk on the weekend. I used to do a lot of running in my twenties but sadly with all of the injuries I have accumulated over the years those days are definitely over!

Her Style.

Outfit #1: Work Wear.

Christian Dior suit; Chanel J12 watch.

Christian Dior shoes.

Outfit #2: Work Event (Day).

Michael Kors dress, Michael Kors knitted shrug, Christian Dior shoes, Kara Rose gold cuff.

Outfit #3: Work Event (Night).

Christian Dior dress, Christian Dior shoes, BCBG Max Azria gold bracelet.

Outfit #4: Weekends.

Balmain blazer, Karen Millen black cami, Kasil jeans, Tom Ford sunglasses, Michael Kors gold watch.

Escada bag.

A Designer Wardrobe.

Where did your love of fashion begin?
When I was little my mum was a huge advocate of the 80’s power suit complete with shoulder pads and pearls. Looking back the photos are borderline scary however at the time I thought she was so glamorous I wanted to be just like her.

How would you describe your personal style?
Classic, understated elegance – I tend to prefer quality over quantity.

Who’s your celebrity style crush?
I love Diane Kruger for her individuality, Kate Beckinsale for her elegance and Rosie Huntington-Whitley for her effortless relaxed boho style on weekends. 

What’s your favourite trend right now?
I am probably the worst person to ask this as I never follow a trend. I just tend to go with quality pieces that suit my shape and hopefully stand the test of time.

Name five of your favourite designers.
Christian Dior, Balmain, Roland Mouret, Collette Dinnigan, Richard Nicoll, Michael Kors.

What are the three pieces you find yourself wearing constantly?
My Black Balmain blazer from Lands End; a Christian Dior cocktail dress I picked up in London last year and my blue Kasil jeans I bought at Christenson Copenhagen years ago and still wear to this day.

What is the most treasured piece of clothing in your closet? 
A stunning black Balmain hand sequined and lace dress Gwyneth Paltrow once wore… am not sure how many more wears I will get out of it as it is so delicate but it is like a piece of art I will keep forever.

What piece in your wardrobe gets you from season to season? 
Probably my black Burberry trench. It is a classic that will never date and is perfect for summer or winter.

Is there anything in your closet that you’ve owned for more than five years, and still wear to this day? 
Absolutely, in fact, I probably commit a multitude of fashion sins as I tend to go for fewer (but quality) pieces rather than trend based fashion that only lasts one season. For me, as long as I love it and it still fits I will wear it.

What’s the best piece of fashion advice you’ve ever been given? 
For me I am probably more of a ‘play it safe’ kind of person when it comes to fashion so probably the best piece of advice comes from my friends who push me to wear things I would never usually try.

What’s your work style? Is it different to your weekend style?
Definitely! During the week it is all about dresses or suits depending on what meetings I have on that day but once the weekend comes it is all about comfort…think jeans, blazers and big gold chunky jewellery – my latest obsession is Bijoux Box in Martin Place, Sydney as I love anything by Appartement a Louer or Kara Rose which they stock.

A recent purchase by Appartement a Louer. Divine!

What are some of your favourite places to shop?
Without a doubt my favourite label is Christian Dior as I love the elegance and structure that is inherent in their aesthetic no matter which designer is at the fashion house’s helm. This would be closely followed by Maxfields in LA as they have all of my favourite designers (Dior, Balmain, Kevork Kiledijian, Roland Mouret) under the one roof and Intermix in New York or LA for more fun, contemporary pieces. Closer to home I can never walk out of Lands End in Five Ways Paddington empty handed as Jane (the store owner) is a brilliant buyer with an amazing eye.

Do you have any favourite online stores?
I never usually buy clothes online as I always like to try them on first however Shopbop is great for accessories (I recently bought a Michael Kors watch which I love) and of course it goes without saying, if you want a statement piece then you can’t go past anything by Australian jewellery designer Samantha Wills as all of her pieces are stunning.

Where’s your favourite place to shop overseas?
Christian Dior (Paris / London / US), Maxfields (Hollywood or Santa Monica), Intermix (NY & LA), Barneys (US), Saks (US), Harvey Nichols (London) and Browns (London).

Inside Her Home.

How would you describe your home’s style?
Modern, minimalist, neutral tones with splashes of colour.

What’s your most treasured piece in your home?
Two abstract prints I commissioned from a Melbourne artist that were originally hanging in the lobby of the Park Hyatt hotel but are now in my living room at home! I am not sure what it is about them but I just love them and they make me happy every time I look at them.

Where do you shop for homewares?
Becker Minty (Potts Point), Space (Alexandria), Dedece (Darlinghurst), Fanuli (Mosman).

The LifeStyled List. 

Tea or Coffee? Coffee (skim flat white extra hot – The Bunker on Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst make the best in Sydney).
Favourite Flower? Peonies preferably by Rococo Flowers in Darlinghurst – they make the most beautiful arrangements, I have used them for years.
Heels or Flats? Flats if I can! Unfortunately I had a skiing accident a few years ago which resulted in hip surgery so I try to avoid heels as much as possible.
Favourite Cocktail? Lychee Martini although I am definitely more of a wine kind of girl.
Style Icon? Christian Liagre (for home), Alec Tzannes (for architecture), Christian Dior (for fashion).
Signature Scent? Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge – without a doubt someone will comment on it every time I wear it.
Favourite City? New York.
Reading…The biography of John Symond – ‘Aussie John’ by John Symond – an amazing entrepreneur who built a successful business in an incredibly cutthroat industry and yet did so without once compromising his integrity.
Listening…The gorgeous Vogue Williams (celebrity DJ) recently put together a compilation of her favourite Parisian inspired hits for an Estee Lauder press launch we just had which I have been listening to on-loop ever since. No matter where I am going or when I put it on, it is the perfect soundtrack to put me in the mood for going out.
Guilty pleasure…Chocolate…isn’t it everyone’s?!
Every woman should own…something she treasures (a piece of jewellery, a piece of art, etc) that she bought for herself by herself.
I will never wear…anything with a midriff.
I need…to book in to see Belinda Jeffrey at La Boutique in Double Bay for a colour.
I wantto go to Chiva Som.

  • ppucci

    Wow. Simply gorgeous and SO inspiring. She had me at ‘shoe closet’.

  • bigdaddyg

    I love her classic style. Perfect workwear chic!

  • Jacquie

    A true reflection of gorgous Alice! You are a true darling with as much inner beauty as you can see outer beauty! I am so proud of what you have achieved Alice, you deserve it all and so much more. Jacquie Hampton

  • S.

    love her style! was so torn when i found out Estee’ Lauder tested on animals as i LOVE their night serum, but had to be sadly replaced!
    other than that- fab article!

  • Glenn Gamble

    Nice work Alice and definitely deserved.

  • Kimmi @ The Plastic Diaries

    Love it Alice!!! I have total shoe wardrobe envy.


    Love Rococo Flowers. Always stunning!

  • Alice Hampton

    Thanks lovely Glenn! Hope that you are well… x

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