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July 2nd, 2012

The Emma Stone Hairstyle Files.

The Emma Stone Hairstyle Files.

Nine looks, nine cities, one movie premiere. From twists to braids to blow-outs Emma Stone has been a hair chameleon during her global junket for The Amazing Spider-man.

Celebrity hair stylist, Mara Roszak travelled with Stone and shares the how-to on all the looks:

Tokyo, Japan: The Elegant Twist.

1. First, I parted Emma’s hair to one side and applied Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse on her damp hair to enhance her natural texture and add a bit of volume.

2. Once her hair was completely dry, I applied a small amount of Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream throughout to eliminate frizz and add a lustrous shine.

3. Next, I started by twisting the hair on one side at the top of her head, adding more hair as I came down, until her hair was completely up in one twist.

4. I then pinned it into a bun at the nape of her neck. I created another twist on the opposite side and connected it at the nape. I criss-crossed both with bobby pins to ensure extra hold.

5. Finally, I sprayed Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray for a natural, long lasting hold and finished off the look by adding a simple hair accessory to the back of her hair.

Seoul, South Korea: The High Bun.

1. First, I applied a small amount of Moroccanoil Treatment Light to the ends of Emma’s hair, to hydrate and soften the strands as well as give them a silky texture and natural shine. Then I blow-dried the hair to create movement.

2. Next, I gently teased the hair on the crown, and pulled it to the top of her head, securing it in a ponytail. I teased the roots of the ponytail and wrapped it into a bun shape. In order to secure the bun tightly, I criss-crossed bobby pins around it.

3. Finally, I sprayed on Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray for a natural-looking, long lasting hold.

Moscow, Russia: The Braided Bun.

1. First, I applied Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse to Emma’s damp hair, to lock in moisture and add smooth definition to strands. Taking random sections, I loosely twisted and braided her hair. I then blow-dried, but left a little dampness in order to create a wavy, natural looking texture.

2. Next, I released the hair and rough dried it with my fingers until it was entirely dry.

3. Afterwards, I applied a small amount of Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream throughout her hair to give the waves definition without weighing them down.

4. I pulled the hair into a loose ponytail, allowing pieces to fall out naturally around the face. I then braided the ponytail and wrapped it into a bun shape, securely pinning it in place.

5. Finally, I sprayed her style with hairspray for a soft, long-lasting hold with natural looking shine. I finished off the look with a whimsical head piece to add a pop to the look.

London, UK: The Perfectly Straight Style.

1. I started by applying a small amount of treatment to the ends of her towel-dried hair, to revitalise and condition any dry, dull strands as well as to create smooth texture and shine.

2. Next, I blow-dried her hair straight with a boar bristle brush, parting it to the left side. The best way to get a super-sleek blow out is by taking small sections of hair and angling the nozzle of the dryer downward to get the hair extra smooth.

3. Then I touched up her hair with a flat iron on the mid-shaft, and moved it through the ends to create volume and movement.

4. Afterward, I misted her hair with Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray for a lustrous shine.

5. Finally, I spritzed hairspray into the palms of my hands and patted the top of her head to tame any fly-a-ways. Then I applied a light mist all over her head, for a natural, long-lasting hold.

Paris, France: The Asymmetrical Curls.

1. I started by applying Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse to Emma’s towel-dried hair and rough dried it to add texture and hold the style. It was especially important that the hair looked soft, smooth and sensual, and it helped me to control and define the curls without any crunch.

2. Using a 1” curling iron, I curled narrow sections, released the hair and then pinned. I sprayed the pin-curls with hairspray and let them sit for about 5 minutes.

3. Next, I released the curls from the bottom up and brushed them out lightly, making sure that the “S” wave remained. I used finger wave clips to keep the shape of the style.

4. Afterward, I gently teased the hair at the nape of her neck and then pinned one side under, criss-crossing with bobby pins.

5. I finished the look by spraying Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray throughout, for a hold that looked soft, sexy and shiny.

Berlin, Germany: The Sleek Low Bun.

1. Emma’s dress tonight was so fun and girlie, I thought a sleek style would be a nice contrast. I started by applying Moroccanoil Light Treatment to Emma’s damp hair for a silky, smooth shine. I parted it deeply to the side, then used a hairdryer to blow it out, while smoothing with a round brush.

2. I then lightly misted Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray onto her blow dried hair and ran a flat iron through random sections. Gathering her hair with a brush, I made it as smooth as possible and created a low ponytail at the nape of her neck. I then lightly sprayed the ponytail with Moroccanoil Frizz Control, and sectioned off a piece of hair on one side of the pony and separated it out.

3. I tucked the ends under the ponytail, forming a loop and pinned it underneath. The section of hair that was separated and hanging loose was then wrapped around the elastic to hide it and pinned underneath the style.

4. To finish, I sprayed the entire look with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray for natural-looking hold and shine. I then sprayed my fingertips, and tapped them on any fly-aways.

Madrid, Spain: The Natural Waves.

1. I started by applying a small amount of Moroccanoil Treatment Light to the ends of Emma’s hair for smooth texture and lustrous shine, and then gave her hair a good blow out.

2. After I dried each section, I created pin curls and let them sit for 5 minutes. After releasing them, I brushed her hair smooth.

3. To create soft, flowing waves, I used a 1” curling iron, starting 1⁄4 of the way down Emma’s hair, and curled her hair toward her face. I lightly sprayed all over with hairspray for a hold that let the hair move, and then brushed out the waves.

4. I loved the idea of adding something a bit different to the style, so I used white bobby pins as a hair accessory and created a design by crisscrossing the pins.

5. Finish with hairspray.

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Rome, Italy: The Modern Pompadour.

1. I started by applying Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse to Emma’s damp hair to eliminate frizz and add a healthy shine. I roughly dried her hair, then, to enhance her natural texture I had Emma flip her head over and sprayed Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray starting at the ends while working my way up.

2. Next, I sectioned off her hair and created a French twist shape in the back, pinning it in place with bobby pins.

3. Afterwards, I took the remaining top section and gently teased it at the roots and then brushed it back into a pompadour. I connected the twist of the pompadour in the back and secured it with bobby pins.

4. To finish the look, I sprayed her entire head with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray for a lightweight, natural hold that left her hair feeling soft and shiny.

Los Angeles, USA: The Brooched Bun.

1. I started by applying Moroccanoil Treatment Light to Emma’s damp hair, starting first on the ends and working my way up. In addition to protecting the hair, it added a natural-looking shine, while eliminating any frizz.

2. I made a deep side part before blow drying with a paddle brush. And although I typically use a round brush, I didn’t want to completely eliminate the texture in the hair this time. I wanted Emma’s hair to have movement and body, and not look super sleek. It was more important to dry the hair and take away frizz – leaving a nice natural texture.

3. After the hair was dry, I gave her strands a little bit of texture and grip with hairspray for an extra hold when I put her hair up.

4. I then pulled Emma’s hair low to the nape of her neck and twisted it into a little knot, tucked the ends under, and crossed two bobby pins to hold it. I wanted the tight, knotted bun to look simple: not too perfect or overdone.

5. Finally, I loosely pulled back Emma’s long bangs to the side and pinned them back to blend them into her hair and leave a nice soft shape on the sides of her face.

6. When the style was pinned and secure, I sprayed hairspray onto my fingertips and roughed up the hairstyle a bit with my fingers. I randomly and loosely pulled at the hair at the top of the head to give it a bit of extra body and free up the texture.

7. I then sprayed the entire style again with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray and finished with a light misting of Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray. I then added a Cartier diamond brooch to the side and back of the knot.

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