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December 10th, 2017

The Gift Of Giving.

The Body Shop have made my Christmas easier ever since I asked my Mum for a Mango Body Butter in 1989.

This is a brand that always has a delicious gift for every gender, every age and every budget.

Beautifully packaged and ready for under the tree, they lead the way in gifts with a conscience.

This year is no exception and the cause is outstanding.

They’ve teamed up with International Alert to support the Peace Play Project, a charity creating community centres for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon.

Through dancing, singing, play and therapeutic activities, the organisation allows these children to flourish in a war-stricken environment and help them to make sense of their experiences.  

They’re helping these children be kids again. 

As part of the partnership, The Body Shop have created a limited edition collection of  Christmas Gift Sets that warmly answer the most important question at Christmas: Are you giving back?

I’m going to be using these novelty based buys around the table in place of crackers this year.

All of the donations raised through The Body Shop initiative will help keep the Peace Play Project in Shatila, Lebanon, open for a whole year.

All the boxes are ticked with this one.

Let’s play a small part.

Potions & Lotions.

CLICK TO BUY: The Body Shop Spread The Love Hand Cream Collection; The Body Shop Dial-A-Flavour Body Butter Star Collection, The Body Shop Dial-A-Flavour Body Butter Trio

Dial-A-Flavour Body Butter Collection: This cool little gift riffs on Twister and Spin The Bottle. Except the recipient of the kiss is your skin.  If you can’t decide which iconic body butter scent to slather on each morning, simply spin and leave the decision to fate. 

Available in a circle trio or a five point star, flavours include these Body Shop classics: Strawberry Softening Body Butter (50ml); Mango Softening Body Butter (50ml); British Rose Instant Glow Body Butter (50ml); Almond Milk & Honey Soothing & Restoring Body Butter(50ml); Shea Nourishing Body Butter (50ml)

The Body Shop Spread The Love Hand Cream Collection: Find me woman who doesn’t like hand cream. Then find me a woman who remembers which draw she put it in? That’s why you can never have too many. Car, bed side table, desk. Never too many.

 This split-and-share pack is the ultimate stocking stuffer. It includes tubes: Pink Grapefruit, Strawberry, Moringa, Shea, Mango and British Rose.

Don’t Ask, Just Mask.

CLICK TO BUY: The Body Shop Mask Sampler Set, $30

The Body Shop Mask Sampler SetWhat’s a sleepover without everyone slathering on a mask these days? Masks are THE buy for the tween to teenage girl in your life (and also their mother). The Body Shop have spent the last year really fine tuning their mask offering making them issue focused and single serve.  

I adore the British Rose Plumping Mask – Christmas morning skin magic and this set comes with 3 x Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask sachets (5ml), 3 x British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask sachets (5ml), 3x Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask sachets 5ml and  Bunny Headband to keep you hair out of the goop.


Money Box Robots & Sticky Lippy.

CLICK TO BUY: The Body Shop Kiss And Tell Born Lippy Wand,$30The Body Shop Money Box Robot Gift, $40

The Body Shop Kiss And Tell Born Lippy Wand: Love this one! I am going to put a couple around the Christmas table for post lunch fun. The wand is full of delicious lip balm but underneath each is a truth or dare. So pass it around, pick a beam and play the game. This gift contains 5 x Born Lippy Pot Lip Balms: Strawberry, Passionberry, Raspberry, Satsuma Shimmer and Watermelon.

The Body Shop Money Box Robot Gift: This will be the Joye Family loose change money box for 2018. Also great for teaching kids to stash their pocket money away  this neon robot is actually a money box robot filled with a mix of lip balms and shower gels. It includes a Mango Shower Gel (60ml), Mango Lip Butter (10ml), Coconut Shower Cream (60ml), Coconut Lip Butter (10ml), Strawberry Shower Gel (60ml) and Strawberry Lip Butter (10ml)

Return Of The Rubber Duck.

CLICK TO BUY: The Body Shop Duck N Dive, $25

The Body Shop Duck N Dive: A super cute take on the retro Snakes and Ladders with the gift box doubling as board game. Before you go slathering yourself in these fruity shower gels, use them as your playing piece in a race to get to the top of the tub. 

Watch Before You Shop.


The warmest collaboration with The Body Shop

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