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November 21st, 2012

Six Base Tricks.

Six Base Tricks.

Over the years I have collected foundation tips like shoes. There are many, many of them in my beauty closet.

These are the ones I rely on most…

1. Your foundation should match your skin. If you can see a tide mark or you look like Lindsay Lohan when she’s missed a patch of spray tan then your colour is wrong. Don’t use foundation to go a shade darker –that’s what bronzer and blush is for. Your foundation should be as close to your natural skin tone as possible. This means trying it on your face – not your hand, not the inside of your wrist, the back of your knee – you need to get it on your face. So when you’re shopping, go with clean skin and a pack of baby wipes because trial means no error.

2. Never put foundation all over your face. It looks like a mask. Literally. Instead start in the middle and work out towards the top edge of your cheekbones and through the middle of the forehead. You need to blend away any obvious edges but you shouldn’t be using your hairline to do it. A soft feathered edge about 2-3cm before your hairline looks the most natural.

3. Let your skin choose the foundation for you. Don’t project the skin you wish you had onto your purchase. There is a blend for every skin – dry, oily, combination. Be honest about your skin type and let the foundation do the rest. If you still don’t believe me whack some oil-free base on dry skin or moisturising base on oily skin -it’s like acid-wash denim and tartan – not pretty.

4Foundation is like skincare – it’s good to mix it up season to season. Have a slightly lighter shade for winter and one with an SPF for summer. These days I have a foundation wardrobe: MAC Face and Body, $60Clinique Continuous Coverage SPF 15, $49, Dermalogica Sheer Tint Moisture SPF 20, $77 & Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk Foundation, $89.

5. If you’re travelling or run out of concealer, use a little bit of foundation from the neck of your bottle. Linda Evangelista taught me this one. It’s thicker and a tiny bit darker than the foundation inside. Use an eye shadow brush or your pinkie to pat it onto the spot you need to cover. It really works.

6. Don’t skip the primer. When I was a beauty editor I didn’t believe in two things: toner and primer. But either formulations have changed or my skin has shifted because now I think primer is crucial for big-night-out or occasion skin. The secret is not using too much (literally half a pea) and work fast – you want to get your foundation on within 30 seconds of priming. It really helps make-up set and stay put for hours.

My favourites: Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, $45Napoleon Perdis Auto-Pilot Pre Foundation Primer, $55 - and not technically a primer but one of the best  - Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, $60.

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  • Barb Fisher

    Her foundation is fab, but what the heck is going on with that chick’s lashes in the top pic? Mascara tips for her please Paula!

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