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April 19th, 2018

Try It Out Thursday


Try It Out Thursday was inspired by Beyonce’s first outfit at Coachella.

Icon sweat shirt, Levi cut-offs, waved hair, glitter eyes and those boots.


I would give my kingdom for those custom Balmain boots. Don’t think I’ve ever wanted a shoe more…

So I dug out my ripped denim, a rock sweat and had a play with some glitter foil eyeshadow and wave spray.

If you don’t follow my Beyonce playlist on Spotify then why not? It’s HERE.

Turn it up while you try these out.

Shop The Products.

try-it-out-thursday-products 1.Lady Jane Style Guards Clear Kink Free Spirals, $7.99

2.Ouai Wave Spray, $40 from Sephora

3. Clarins Beauty Flashed Balm, $65


1.Taste Rainforest Of The Sea Finger Foil Finger Paints Shadow Palette, $55 from Sephora

2.Models Own Sculpt & Glow HighPoint Highlighter Powder, $9.97 from Priceline Pharmacy

3.MAC Face & Body  Foundation, $65

4.MDM Flow Semi Matt Lipstick in Von Dutch, $28 from Mecca



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