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November 20th, 2014

With…Lara Bingle.

Look at Lara Bingle through a camera and you’ll see Elizabeth Taylor, Julie Christie, Marilyn Monroe… even Helen of Troy.

She has one of the truly great faces, an extraordinary beauty that seems to be getting more spectacular with age.

There’s a new confidence to the girl from Cronulla, whose impossibly blue eyes and tawny tan made millions of people want to visit Australia.

Putting reality shows and youthful mistakes far behind her, Lara is embarking on her most ambitious chapter to date. The Base by Lara Bingle sees the model turn entrepreneur, funding and creating the bronzing cosmetic range entirely on her own.

Here, she talks about a new found love for business, finding real happiness and the secrets behind that skin.

Team Bingle.

Lara On…


Realising A Dream.
I’ve always wanted to create a business in the beauty market. The idea for The Base by Lara Bingle started out as a sunscreen and then it took me eleven months to get it right. I’m here now.

Taking A Risk.
When I sold my house, I funded the business for The Base entirely on my own. It was a big risk but I wanted to learn the business side and do things my way. As much as I love modelling, it’s very easy to get side-tracked by the glamourous side of things. I wanted to be hands-on and start everything from scratch. This was created without managers and investors involved. This is mine.

Brand Bronze.
Growing up by the beach my whole life was my inspiration. I prefer beach over snow. I love the water and simple fresh beauty. All those things came together when working on what tThe Base products – how they would look and smell. Working with make-up artists and hairdressers on shoots teaches you lots of tricks and I used those experiences. I knew I wanted them to work really well, to look pretty and be affordable for everyone.  The most expensive product in the line is $39 and the cheapest is the tanning mitt for $12.


The Exercise Thing
I’m in two minds about my fitness. One minute, I’m running every day and in the gym doing weights. Or I follow the routine that I’ve taught myself over the years while I’m travelling. Then sometimes all I want to do is yoga, stretch and go for walks. A big thing is understanding your body and what it needs. If you’re tired, you should rest. It’s about not over doing it. It’s sleep, it’s being active, it’s what you’s all those things.

The Food Thing
About a year ago I went vegetarian. I used to diet all the time and it had a bad yo-yo effect on my body. This change has made me feel stronger and healthier. My boyfriend Sam and I are both vegetarian, so we help each other. I cook a lot when we’re at home. We’re very ‘planty’ people.

That Skin.
I don’t wear much make-up unless I’m working or going out. It’s always been about having a great base and that’s it. I started seeing Melanie Grant from the Double Bay Skin Clinic two years ago and she’s the only person I let touch my skin.

I like the SK II masks and I use my own LB Cream in place of a moisturiser.


Hero Products.
The LB Cream (clever Lara.Very clever!) is something I wear everyday. It has more coverage than a tinted moisturiser so you can cover a spot or circles. It also contains an SPF 15+. I made it in two shades – honey and beige – which were so difficult to get just right. I wanted that perfect creamy colour. I also love the Body Glow Oil which hydrates and adds shimmer. It’s the best smelling of all the products filled with Tahitian and coconut oils.

Getting Her Inner Glow On.
I’ve learnt that confidence has to come from the within. You can enhance your outer beauty – that’s what my products are for – but I really believe you need to do the same for your inner beauty. If someone is happy inside you can see it on their face. Confidence is beautiful.

Daily Face.
I don’t wear make-up unless I’m working or going out and then it’s concealer, mascara and maybe a red lipstick.


Her Bedside Table…
I’m reading The Alchemist  actually and also Not That Kind Of Girl by Lena Dunham which is pretty funny.

Her iPod…
I’m listening to London Grammar at the moment.

Her Fragrance Shelf…
I wear a mens fragrance by Christian Dior.


Love & Relationships.
I’m really happy. I’ve been through a lot in my life… including losing my Dad. I’ve come to realise the true value of all my relationships. My good girlfriends in particular. Because I travel, it’s hard to keep in constant contact and having a best friend that doesn’t change and is the same everytime you come home is very important to me. I have an awesome partner and my family is very much a tight family…I value all the important relationships in my life.

Her Gypsy life.
Home is everywhere. We go where the work goes. So between LA and Australia will always be home. I’ve been travelling since I was 15, I lived in Milan for a year modelling and Brazil for a while. I’ve always been that person, regardless of who is in my life. I’m a traveller.

The Next Thing.
I’m designing a range of swimwear for The Base which will come out this time next year. It’s a simple line of classic black pieces. I’m just taking it one step at a time and going to keep working away…

Words To Live By
Be true to yourself.

The Buys.


The Base By Lara Bingle launches this weekend.  These are my hero picks from the range but am yet to try the tanner – so stay tuned.

CLICK TO PRE-ORDER: The Base Skin Illuminator, The Base LB Cream SPF 15, The Base Body Glow Oil


Photography by Carlotta Moye; Hair and Makeup by Victoria Baron; Styling by Marina Afonina




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  • K

    Kim K … Lara … what is it, Bimbo Week?! Sick of these idiots being worshipped – they’re a bad example for young women. Thankful for ‘unsubscribe’

  • claire

    I thought she was pregnant?!

  • pia

    omg THANKYOU!!! You have just articulated all the words running thru my mind. I am truly disappointed in this. Esp since PJ has 2 daughters of her own. :((((((((( ps I am qualified too ,as I am in the biz of nurturing young minds, specifically female self efficacy in STEM education.

  • Jess

    Some people really just have nothing nice to say. So much negativity! Anyway, I think Lara is fabulous and I can’t wait to try out The Base. Also loved your interview with the other ‘bimbo’ Kim Kardashian. Two of my favourites! Thanks Paula xoxo

  • pia

    it’s actually not just as simple as being “haters” or about “negativity” it’s about the craving to look a bit further afield and finding something more nourishing for the mind. These 2 ladies have a high GI index.

  • PaulaJoye


    Thank you for your opinion.

    I never thought I would have to censor or delete comments on this site but it saddens me when women talk about other women in a negative way.

    Life is too short K.

    Come with an open mind or look away.


  • PaulaJoye

    Hi Jess
    I never get negative comments on this site.
    However, I think that beautiful women provoke polarising reactions.
    Thank you for your kind words. I’ve known Lara since she was seventeen and I’m proud of the young woman she’s become.

  • JJ

    Lara Bingle is beautiful.
    I love these pictures and I will buy all of the product if it makes my skin that honey colour.

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Paula these products look lovely,I agree Lara has wonderful skin,Thank you for sharing x

  • nadia

    Love checking in on this blog! I find Kim K and lara stunning to look at, this does not mean they are my role models or i would advise young girls to look up to them…
    If that is what you are after maybe dont look for it in a lifestyle/fashion blog!?

    Good work paula, love your style.

  • Edwina

    In the words of Kerri Hilson – “get yourself together don’t hate; jealousy’s the ugliest trait”

  • Lauren

    wow – people are highly emotional about LB. Personally i love her and even if i didn’t, you can’t deny that skin glows! I can not wait to try these products.

  • Kat

    To the negative Nancy’s on this thread get over yourselves. You’re just simply jealous and obviously aren’t happy within yourselves unlike Miss Bingle. I think she is an inspiration for women and she’s a great Aussie role model. Great article Paula. Can’t wait to try her products! Kat x

  • k

    Releasing a sex tape to get ‘famous’ … balancing a champagne glass on your butt naked … marrying a delusional bloke who thinks he’s jesus christ … i think i’d definitely prefer to look away! Good luck to you and your vacuous readers who buy into crap like the Kardashian business model but don’t feign shock and sadness when some of us object to it

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  • Nadine Cameron

    She is such a stunner and lovely to hear she is finding her purpose through her new business ventures.

  • Grania Boyle

    Her legs look weird and bendy in the black and white photo…not hating just an observation

  • Sharon Coutman

    Well said Paula. If you don’t like someone DO NOT read the article about them.

    Not sure why LB is a bad role model, yes she has lived her life under the microscope that is the life of a celebrity but she has also supported herself very successfully since a young age.

    I often wonder how the ‘Average Joe” would fare in public opinion if their life garnered the same attention.

  • LJ

    Lara looks stunning in those photos. Her jewellery is just perfect. Paula do you know where Lara’s necklace is from? Or the brand

  • Belinda

    Good on you Paula, this is a great article. K…people change, people make mistakes..move on i love this blog/site and will never unsubscribe. Thanks for a great article Paula x

  • Belinda

    agree Lauren skin glows!!

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