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Best & Worst: MTV Music Awards.

I love the fashion at the MTV Music Awards. It goes so off-piste. This year there was no Taylor, no Selena, no Beyonce but…here we go anyway with a wrap of the best and…


best-and-worst-dressed-mtv-2017-video awards

How To Wear A Mini.

Sometimes the dress wears you. We all own a couple of these frocks that defy my number one style rule: Wear the dress. Don’t let the dress wear you. This flouncy mini from…



Faux Fur Jackets.

 Faux fur jackets. Every woman deserves at least one in her wardrobe. Preferably two. Preferably over sized. It’s necessary for the Penny Lane that lives inside us all. Technically, this style of coat -…


Grey Check Jacket Trend.

Regular readers know that I like my fast fashion just as much as designer. Room for both in this world and style wins over price tag. Always. The cleverest, chicest women I know are…



Technicolour Dream Pants.

Never have I ever worn a pair of multi-coloured pants such as these. Nor have I attempted trousers with quite this much palazzo. Or braved sun-ray pleats from belly-button to ankle. Yet…there’s something…



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