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Nicole Richie Holiday Style.

Not since Jackie Onassis and Carolyn Kennedy has there been a wardrobe I’ve stalked more. Nicole Richie is an inspiring dresser. She’s not afraid of taking risks but manages to pull even…


Polka Dots In The Park.

It’s not in every town you find a field of white flowers in what just might be the perfect polka dot dress. Then Christchurch is not every town and New Zealand…


Detail Dressing.

There’s something about red and denim together – perhaps it’s the texture clash? – that feels iconic. It’s reminiscent of the Marlboro Man commercials. Hard but soft. Cowboy with a heart. Dark red…


Best & Worst: MTV Music Awards.

I love the fashion at the MTV Music Awards. It goes so off-piste. This year there was no Taylor, no Selena, no Beyonce but…here we go anyway with a wrap of the best and…


best-and-worst-dressed-mtv-2017-video awards

How To Wear A Mini.

Sometimes the dress wears you. We all own a couple of these frocks that defy my number one style rule: Wear the dress. Don’t let the dress wear you. This flouncy mini from…



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