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May 23rd, 2012

From Lyon With Love.

From Lyon With Love.

Introducing two new things on LifeStyled – Travel and our Paris EditorJane Lunn.

Jane lives in Paris (via London via Australia), she’s a fashion marketer who’s worked in all three countries with everyone from Kylie Minogue to Gucci. She’s married to Joe, mum to baby Lily and lover of all animals. Seriously she’s like Snow White in the forest with the birds landing on her arms (read more about her here).

Each month Jane will be bringing you the best of Paris through the perspective of a local – from where to stay, what to eat, where to shop, recipes, experts…try not to hate her.

Here I am with Jane just outside The Louvre – the whitest dirt in the world. Let us know if there are particular things in/about Paris that you want to know about and she’ll track it down for you.

Profitez-en, découvrir, rêver…


When we need to get out of Paris – it does your head in sometimes - we often head to Lyon, a city renowned for its food (often dubbed the gastronomy capital of France). But for me it’s always been about the way the city looks. The architecture and design is a mix of classic French vintage and modern cool which really sets it apart.

As you walk through tiny cobble stone streets and wind through all the hidden alleys you’ll discover 200-year-old shop fronts filled with everything from pink praline tarts (my favourite) to Prada.

Lyon, France

This trip we stayed at Une Nuit Au Second” a gorgeous B&B apartment that is nothing short of perfection.

Housed in a 19th century building in the centre of town, the apartment has a feeling of time worn elegance: collections of antique wooden frames and vintage posters sit comfortably beside sleek and stylish couches, all set amongst the classic French design features of floor-to-ceiling windows and parquet flooring.

Au Nuit Au Second, Lyon France

I wanted to move in. Or at atleast take the furniture home with me. The owner Agnes Moutet decorated the space herself and here she shares a few of her design secrets and tips.

What is the style inspiration for your home?
Our house is a mixture of many things I love. With no established style, everything sits harmoniously side by side. It’s a mix of modern and vintage and above all I tinker and customise. Objects move and change according to my desires.

What influences your style choices?
Design shows, flea markets … just walking the streets, I see and think of new ideas.

I love the wall of empty frames? Where did the idea come from?
A frame is simply beautiful. There is no need to put something in it as one can imagine what one wants… The majority of the frames come from “Au Passe entrepose” – an antique dealer that sells antiquities from many different centuries. It’s a cavern of treasures! 

What’s your go to brands/stores for luxe pieces, vintage finds and cheap treasures?
Ikea and Habitat for the simplest things. Kaolin and the design boutiques of Lyon for luxe objects and most important, antique / flea markets for everything and anything!

What are some items you can’t live without?
I cannot live without all my lights…they create ambience all by themselves.

How would you describe your personal style?
Eccentric and changeable – it all depends on my mood, season and location. I love changing my style.

French women seem to have innate style. What do you think is the reason for this?
To be friendly and refined is important for all women. This is passed on from mother to daughter in France. It’s a lot of work!

What’s your favourite city?
Rome for now but I’m yet to visit every city in the world.

Fashion must-have?
Gucci, Gucci, Gucci! However in general, I treat fashion and beauty like the décor of my house: I mix all styles. I can hijack a garment as I will with an object. It’s more fun to do this!

I need…to be exhilarated.

I want….to delight the senses.

For more information or reservations click here

  • ck

    where is the best place to buy cosmetics in Paris?  somewhere with a good range of high end products as well as more drugstore brands etc.

  • Anna Stone

    Hi ck,
    I found most chemists/pharmacies in Paris have great ranges, you can also find Sephora all over the city as it was founded in France.

  • Jaime

    I would love a stylish and kid-friendly guide to Paris. Granted it’s not the target audience of this site, but worth a shot! I’m a major Francophile and newish mum with an upcoming trip to Paris; I imagine this next visit will be a far cry from those gone by which seemed to be all about the pursuit of cheese and wine! 

  • JLunn

    Hi Jaime – funny you should mention it.. I’ve been working on a secret addresses list recently as it’s a fairly common question….a high chair in cool cafes can be hard to find – but they do exist! Will speak to p and see what we can do. Thanks for the feedback! Jane

  • JLunn

    Hi CK – Anna is right. Sephora is beauty gold dust as is your local pharmacy. There is a reason there is one if not two pharmacies on every street. Full of French beauty secrets, there are some products that are truly amazing. List of “must haves” to come! Thanks, Jane

  • SM

    Please, please, please do this.  We are planning a trip back to my beloved Paris – now with two kids in tow.  Would love some tips on how to keep a ‘family holiday’ stylish.

  • Stefanie

    Hi Jane, look forward to your posts. Would love to see ideas for interiors, love the French hotels as they always seem so stylish. Also, would love to see places that you like to shop and eat at that a tourist wouldn’t know to look for. Welcome to Lifestyled :)

  • PaulaJoye

    So glad you’re all excited. Me too!
    What a reception Miss J.You will find the nicest people here.
    Looks like you made need to post more than once a month.
    Maybe we’ll do a combined post on our fave French drug store beauty products huh?

  • Acacia

    Loved your post Jane. I am going to Paris for the first time in November this year, so am looking forward to your tips on where to eat and shop etc! Xx

  • Jlopezcasas

    Loving this new section!
    Jane, I’m looking forward to uncovering more of France’s insider secrets.
    And a regular dose of photos from Paris. Dreamy. 

  • Alli

    You had me at ‘Jane lives in Paris’!!

  • Hannah

    Great post, I can’t wait to read your next post. I am going to Paris in July, do you have any shopping suggestions? I’m having trouble finding information about mid-priced designers. It seems to be markets or super high end. Also any good vintage stores?

  • Chelle Edwin

    Hi Jane, this couldn’t have come at a better time….. I’ve been trawling google trying to find a mobile hair & or make up artist, we are in Paris end of July for a very special day…. any recommendations???? Thx m

  • Kate

    Hi Jane, I am in Paris for just two days July 13 and 14 and then in nice July 15, 16. How much will I be able to cram into Paris (keeping in mind the need for some shopping). Oh and I have never been before…

    So overwhelmed! Thanks, Kate

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