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September 17th, 2012

Travel Must-Do’s… Portobello Road.

Travel Must-Do’s… Portobello Road.

It’s the place where Julia Roberts walked into Hugh Grant’s book shop.

The famous stretch of road that runs smack through the middle of Notting Hill in London. Home to the famous Portobello Markets, over the years it has gone from being a true bohemian flea and antique hub to more of a tourist trail. But I still really enjoy a visit.

My tip is to get there early and when I say early I mean 8am. I like to start with breakfast at Pizza East (310 Portabello Road) – avocado on sourdough with chilli and then walk from there all the way up to the famous Red Tea Pot Arcade. This is the opposite way that most people walk it –  tourists tend to arrive at the other end.

You’ll find lots of antique shops that will make you start to think that the only thing missing from your life is silverware (there’s acres of it).

Keep your ears open – the buskers are terrific – this weekend there was Boby Dylan tribute busker, a modern Beatles quartet and a jazz pianist who was so incredible that I just sat in the sun, ate a fresh crepe and listened to him play for an hour.

That’s Portobello – unexpected, mellow and still cool.

Must Eat.

1. Hummingbird Cafe.

The best cupcakes in the world? Well maybe in the UK. It’s the London version of Magnolia. The Red Velevet Cupcake is the hero and worth the trip.

2. Pizza East.

So yummy. Just so yummy. Breakfast, lunch, dinner it is awesome. The salted caramel chocolate tart is a life changer. If you’re travelling with kids this is a great place to take them just as equally as it is a great place for romance – I don’t know how they bridge the two but they do.

3. Lisboa Pâtisserie.

The Portugese Tart is just incredible. You need to go over the Westaway in Golborne Road to find it but it’s out of the crowd and insanely good.


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  • Dearne20

    I recently moved to Little Venice after 2 years of living in Notting Hill (2 mins from Portobello Road). The tourists drove me nuts and getting a table anywhere on the weekend was near impossible. I still love it though…the French stores on Westbourne Grove are my absolute favourite, and I love visiting Granger & Co., mainly to satisfy my cravings for Australian food! ;)

  • Stefanie

    Looking at your photos I felt transported there, thanks Paula.

  • phoodietweets

    Oh I am getting all sentimental…. We lived there the year after we got married and had SUCH an amazing 12 months! Take me back to London! Just such an awesome place. Like Dearne20 below, we lived in Little Venice, near St Johns Wood and if we moved back that’s exactly where I’d live again….. but I spent loads of time in Notting Hill chowing down everything at Ottolenghi!

  • JoJo

    Love. As someone who lives here – well done – spoken like a true local :-). Pizza East is the shiz xx

  • Zainab

    Oh so envious! I’m ready to hop on a plane over right now! Love this post. xx

  • Anna

    I desperately want to go to London. I was there a few years ago for just two days and it wasn’t enough!!!

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