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How To Wear A Mini.

Sometimes the dress wears you. We all own a couple of these frocks that defy my number one style rule: Wear the dress. Don’t let the dress wear you. This flouncy mini from…



Three Minute Supermarket Smash

This is a lunch that I make most Fridays. When my Woolworths shop has run down for the week and I’m waiting to re-stock. In our house we buy (and eat) a…



Faux Fur Jackets.

 Faux fur jackets. Every woman deserves at least one in her wardrobe. Preferably two. Preferably over sized. It’s necessary for the Penny Lane that lives inside us all. Technically, this style of coat -…


How To Get French Girl Hair.

David Mallet is the most celebrated hair stylist in Paris. With two salons (one in the new Ritz Paris) and a client list which includes everyone from Charlotte Gainsbourg to Gwyneth…


david -mallet-french-girl-hair

Skin Fitness Boot Camp.

Summer bodies are made in winter. I know this through trial and error. Mostly error. That shall not be me this year. My summer body shall be made now. Fitness has become an…


Can A Cream Really Give You Firmer Boobs & Slimmer Thighs?

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