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February 1st, 2017

The Clever Card.


I’m an American Express newbie and we’re a little bit in love.

I made the switch in December because I really like their Membership Rewards program and the cool technology that supports the customer.

And from a totally shallow perspective they’re the most fabulous looking credit card on the planet.

When I signed up I was reminded of an old memory: My father used his Amex to buy my first car.

That reads not at all how it actually went down.

I saved up every single cent for the purchase but my Dad took the opportunity to teach me how to turn hard earned cash into Membership Reward points. Ultimately, my car turned into tickets to Hawaii – almost like rubbing a genie lamp – and highlighted how using your credit card for everything – groceries to big ticket transactions – is the secret to maximising the system.

I’ve danced around other point programs before but with my new card this year I’m going all-in.

Here’s how…


Welcome To The Mobile Wallet.

This was a MASSIVE draw card for me because I’m an Apple-phile.

My entire world is connected by the tech fruit and my Amex Card has closed that circle.

Now, I’m using Apple Pay like a secret agent. From my Apple Watch, from my iPhone – it’s quite simply the coolest thing since the original iPod.

In my new wallet-less world I can be forgetful. Walk out the door without a handbag, without a wallet, without a cent and I can still shop.

It uses the same technology as Tap And Pay but instead of a physical card you’re tapping you’re phone or your watch. Suddenly one of those THINGS that people said would happen “one day in the future” is here.

And it’s fabulous.

American Express is currently the only credit card issuer offering compatibility with all three mobile wallets: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay.

You Control Your American Express Points.

The point usage facility was ultimately what made me switch cards.

American Express allows customers to use accrued points however they wish.

It’s not just airline tickets and holidays anymore – it can be the electricity bill. You can even pay off your credit card balance using points accrued.

Small mundane purchases like your groceries can work toward paying-off debt or go toward something you really want.

The important distinction is that you get to choose.

An App That Actually Works.


From tracking spending and paying the balance to discovering local offers and deals for members – this is hands-down the best financial institution app I’ve ever used.

The navigation is phenomenal and allows me to do absolutely everything I need remotely.

Oddly, I really like the notifications which are sent after each purchase (and I usually HATE notifications). It’s not only great for safety/fraud but somehow it’s made me more accountable for spending.

The guilt button is subconsciously hit every time you receive one: did I need those shoes?

The Amex App also keeps track of your outstanding balance on a daily basis – which personally I think more Cards should do – again it’s another reminder to keep your finances under control.

I’ve found that it’s already kept some of my spontaneous purchasing in-check.

But perhaps my favourite is the use of GPS to show you which retailers in your area have exclusive Offers for American Express Card Members nearby. And by area I mean literally where you’re standing.

Open the app in the shopping centre and it will tell you what stores in that centre have Amex Offers that day.

I used Amex Offers for the first time at Christmas to purchase gifts for my friends and then used the money I saved for a handbag for me.

See what I mean –  this card is smart.


In proud partnership with American Express.

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  • Stefania

    Funny I was just discussing two of these topics today with a colleague – she is a huge Amex user and loves their rewards points system – my husband on the other hand is a huge tech lover so using the phone to pay for shopping etc has been a favourite the past few months. Me? I’m interested in both but u lost me at – with what I saved I bought myself a bag – which bag? I need to see pics! Lol

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