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June 20th, 2012

Dressing When Expecting.

Bronwyn McCahon, Cosmopolitan Editor

Meet the most stylish pregnant woman on the planet – Bronwyn McCahon.

At 37 weeks pregnant with baby number two she looks as she always does – cool, chic and polished. It’s not really fair because she’s also owner of the best hair on the planet but it’s pregnant women who look like this that make me want to do it all over again.

I worked with Bron for many years – she’s the Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan – and what I love so much about her maternity style is the ability she has to still dress like herself no matter what the bump is doing.

She found the secret is choosing a silhouette that suits your style/shape and then building a maternity wardrobe that’s full of pieces that work together and that you can use again during the breastfeeding phase. She also swears that a hair elastic is a pregnant woman’s best friend.

She let us into her home and wardrobe last week to share her do’s and dont’s of maternity style. It was also really a ruse for me to hang out with her beautiful daughter Harper – who I could eat with a spoon.

Bron’s Top Tips.

Bronwyn McCahon, Cosmopolitan Editor

Shona Joy White Long Cardigan, Zowie Green Necklace. Harper wears Country Road Nautical Sweater (Buy it here).

How has your style evolved throughout your pregnancy? Different to the first?
My style hasn’t changed that much during pregnancies, although I’m doing flats a lot this time around which is a first for me. I’ve always felt my feet looked wrong in flats, but I’ve discovered how versatile they are and developed a small obsession. My latest loves are black suede ballet flats with a chain toe from Walnut – Buy them here.

What maternity piece did you swear to never wear, but eventually did?
Maternity spanx! They’re a magnificent invention but gosh, so ugly. I also bought maternity opaque tights that sit over your stomach just under your boobs – again, not pretty, but so handy for winter.

At what stage during your pregnancy did you give up wearing heels?
I didn’t really give them up, I just cut back. I also started my pregnancy in summer and I’m ending it in winter so I got to hitch a ride on the comfy ankle boot train at just the right time.

Bronwyn McCahon, Cosmopolitan Editor

What fashion pieces did you live in during your pregnancy?
Cotton On do awesome looooong white singlets which are perfect to wear under your existing knits and tops that don’t quite give you the required belly coverage. Most of my outfits involve some type of Jean, but I didn’t buy any maternity jeans, I just repurposed my existing pairs by using a hair elastic to loop through the button hole, which I then hooked on to the actual button – it gives you a valuable few extra centimetres around the waist. And leggings are a no-brainer for pregnancy (Witchery do goodies) teamed with a long bottom-covering shirt or cardi and high-top sneakers – this has pretty much been my weekend uniform.

What can’t you wait to wear post-pregnancy?
I bought a few peplum tops and dresses when I was holidaying in Paris recently, so the minute my belly deflates I’ll be slipping in to those. It’s been agony seeing so many beautiful new ranges and trends come through the Cosmo Fashion office and not being able to get my belly in to any of them.

Did you buy any ‘maternity’ clothing, or did you just buy your favourite brands in bigger sizes?
I recently made the odd discovery that when I’m NOT pregnant I often buy clothes in a size bigger than I probably need because I prefer a drapier look. Yet when I’m pregnant, I like figure-hugging pieces. So during pregnancy I can mostly shop my own wardrobe – pieces that were drapy pre-pregnancy become fitted during. The only maternity piece I bought was a handy striped ruched dress from Isabella Oliver (buy it here). Actually I bought it in two colours. It’s the perfect mix of a little bit sexy, professional and fun – a big hit with my husband every time I wore it. Which was a lot.

Best place to shop online for maternity pieces? (for underwear)

Name four pieces all pregnant women should own?
1.  For winter, maternity opaque stockings are a must. I love Ambra Hosiery Baby Bump 70 Denier Maternity Tights.
2.  I know I keep saying it, but an extra-long white singlet will be your best friend.
3.  A statement necklace or scarf to instantly lift a plain outfit (and a blah pregnancy day).
4.  A comfy bra that’s underwire free, conceals high-beams and can be used while breastfeeding. I loved the Elle Macpherson Intimates Momamia Nursing Bra.

Bronwyn McCahon, Cosmopolitan Editor

Any tips for shopping when pregnant? 
Adding little things to your wardrobe like an extra-long white singlet for good belly coverage means you’ll get more mileage out of your existing wardrobe. Also shop for items that you’ll be able to wear post-pregnancy like open cardigans and button down shirts and blouses. I bought a great chambray button down shirt from Witchery which I wear open during pregnancy with my trusty white singlet and leggings, and will also be perfect for breastfeeding after birth. For work, I bought the rainbow collection of silk Equipment blouses which have been fab under a blazer for a splash of colour, but will also be really handy for the breastfeeding months.

What were your favourite brands to shop during your pregnancy? 
I’ve had a lot of luck at Country Road and e-tailers like Asos and Topshop have great maternity basics pretty cheap.

When I was pregnant it was all about black and accessories – what are your go-to’s?
I’m all about a pop of colour or a statement accessory. Places like ZaraDiva and Sportsgirl do fab accessories. Online I quite enjoy AsosShopbopetsy and Anthropologie.

Bronwyn McCahon, Cosmopolitan Editor

Favourite pregnant celeb style crush (past or present)?
The Victoria’s Secret girls do pregnancy pretty darn well, Adriana LimaMiranda KerrAlessandra Ambrosio etc. I also loved watching Jessica Marais progress through pregnancy recently.

What are your pregnancy beauty essentials?
1. Palmer’s stretch mark oil
2. Lucas Paw Paw ointment
3. Jurlique lavender hand cream
4. Weekly pedicures somewhere that offers a decent leg massage while you sit in nice cushiony massage chairs.
5. Regular eyebrow wax and shape to feel polished and put together.

Five Fabulous Outfits.

Bronwyn McCahon, Cosmopolitan Editor

Maje Paris Pink Jacket, Peter Lang bracelet.

Bronwyn McCahon, Cosmopolitan Editor

Dion Lee Black Knit, Zara Black Waxed Jeans With Gold Zip Detail.

Bronwyn McCahon, Cosmopolitan Editor

Coopers Paris Shoes, Alexander Wang Bag.

Bronwyn McCahon, Cosmopolitan Editor

Country Road Red Sweater Dress With Gold Zips, Wittner Black Boots, Peter Lang bracelet.

Bronwyn McCahon, Cosmopolitan Editor

Oroton Oatmeal Cardigan, Zara Jeans, Sandro Paris Studded Sneakers.

Bronwyn McCahon, Cosmopolitan Editor

Equipment Pink Blouse.

Shop The Look.

CLICK TO BUY: 1. Moto Maternity Leigh Jeans in Lilac from Topshop, £38. (Also available in pale blue); 2. J Brand Skinny Jean in Coral, $323.10. (More colours available).

CLICK TO BUY: 1. Marc By Marc Jacobs Classic Q Fran Shoulder Bag from Net-a-Porter, £308.33; 2. Diva Metal & Pearl Statement Collar, $24.99; 3. Sambag Helena Pink Ballet Flats, $175, NOW $122.50; 4. Lipstik Nancy Gold Glitter Sneakers, $79.95.

Clever DIY Projects From Bron.

Bronwyn McCahon, Cosmopolitan Editor

I  stole this great DIY idea from Bron’s nursery. She made them for both the kids rooms but then she also taught herself to crochet (via a youtube video) – but these (she promises) are a little easier.

You’ll Need:
- Art store canvas (size of your choice)
– Coloured felt
– Lead pencil for tracing
– Super sharp scissors.

How To: Simply cut the felt into the shapes and letter you need. Take the time to place them on the canvas before sticking them down. Then use a craft glue to gently secure them in place. It’s that easy.

Bronwyn McCahon

The LifeStyled List.

Tea or Coffee? Coffee (weak flat white, one sugar).
Favourite Flower? Peonies.
Heels or Flats? Flats right now.
Style Crush? Girls in the Cosmo office, stylish women on the street and bloggers like Louise Friedland of Table Tonic and LifeStyled’s very own Palua Joye.
Signature Scent? Chanel No.5.
Favourite City? Paris.
Candles? Can I have Tim Tams instead?
Reading… Eloise in Paris (to my daughter).
Listening… The Ryan Adams album my husband has on high rotation in the car.
I need… the perfect pair of pjamamas for wintery night breastfeeds.
I want… this baby to come out now.

Photographer: Erin O’Sullivan

  • Lisa

    I love this post.
    She looks so amazing.
    Want to dress like her and I’m not even pregnant.

  • GG

    Where did she get those pink jeans from??
    Need them now.

  • Margie

    Bronwyn looks amazing.  Thanks for a great post Paula, loved it.

  • Emma

    Paula, Can we ask Browwyn where she bought that gorgeous playmat Harper is sitting on? PS love this post. Have sent it to my pregnant friends and am bookmarking it for when I’m pregnant with bub #2

  • Alana

    Thank you. I’m 12 weeks’ pregnant and am just starting to think – what am I going to wear? 

  • Kate was in TO

    im 33 weeks pregnant.  My best maternity buys are from hatch in NYC good for post preg too.  Mavi mat jeans are also super super comfortable 

  • Brooke Alexander

    Great post! Love the shots and the tips. Definitely bookmarking for later use! I wonder could you ask Bronwyn who the artist is behind the fabulous canvas featured in her photos. I am sure I am not alone in wondering who created the gorgeous combination of coloured circles on gold. Its divine.

  • Kaye.

    Congratulations on babe #2 Bronwyn! You look incredible at the end of your pregnancy and your little girl is a mini you in the baby pink jeans.

  • Bronwyn Mccahon

    Hi Brooke,
    The painting is by artist Mathew Johnson. Thanks for your comment. xBronwyn

  • Bronwyn Mccahon

    Hi Emma,
    The matt is called Bubba Mat (i think it was about $180). It’s been brilliant to keep mess off the “adult mat”. The flip side has pictures of fruit and animals which Harper also loves.   Google it to find stockitsts.

  • Bronwyn Mccahon

    GG im going to be annoying and tell you that those pink jeans are from Sandro in Paris.  Sorry! Have a look on Asos and Gap websites, they have some good gelato coloured jeans.
    X Bronwyn

  • Ella

    Love Bronwyn’s style, she is absolutely radiant. Is her gorgeous white knit (with the pink jeans) in the first picture available still?

  • Jess

    Loved this post Paula!

  • Anna

     great post! I’m 34 weeks pregnant now though so probably a little too late for me! I’m so ready to be done with maternity style clothing that I REFUSE to buy anything more!

  • Laurie

    What a great post. I hope I look half as stylish as Bronwyn when I have my first baby. I love her daughter’s name and she is too cute! Thank you for sharing, I will be sure to send this to all of my lovely pregnant girlfriends xx.

  • Bronwyn Mccahon

    Gosh sorry for the spelling in my comment above. That’s why you should never type, eat and walk at the same time! Multitasking fail.

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  • Brooke Alexander

    Many thanks Bronwyn! 
    I have just found a new artist to admire :)Brooke x

  • Alley Cat

    I’m pretty sure you out-do most pregnant VS models!  That Equipment shirt is a new level of heaven.  Good luck with bub #2 x

  • Emma

    Thanks Bronwyn.  You’re house looks amazing too! 

    A beautiful post all round.  My daughter is 18 months old so starting to think ’round 2′ and seeing how gorgeous you look makes me want pregnancy all over again (while helpfully my brain is editing out all the uncomfortable bits and the parts you’d rather forget – like the birth!). All the best x

  • Rochelle

    Wowee…amazing. I want all of it, and I’m not even pregnant.

  • Jane

    I didn’t even realise Bron was pregnant again! She looks stunning xxx

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  • juliechew91

    Hi Paula,
    What an amazing website you have! Any chance you could do another story on Bronwyn Mccahon? She’s a great role model and editor and her style and fashion is amazing. I loved this piece you did on her when she was pregnant!
    Cheers and keep up the great work,

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