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February 6th, 2013

How To Wear Skinny Pants.

How To Wear Skinny Pants.

Skinny pants are a winter essential this year. Great for Back To Work Wear.

Your wardrobe needs a black skinny pant but prints are a fun choice too. To find your most flattering pair of skinny (or cigarette) pant, follow these rules:

– The fabric shouldn’t be too shiny. Wool viscose or matte taffeta which moves with the body are your best bet.

– Avoid pleating and pockets if you have wide hips.

– Look for a style that sits flat at the front and back and doesn’t add bulk.

– They should skim, not hug the leg.

The Inspiration Wall.

Hot Buys.

CLICK TO BUY: Jayson Brunsdon Elodie Pant Lace from Myer, $449Bul Vanamoisa Tile Print Pant from Myer, $240Karen Walker Belted Orion Pants from Myer, $520Manning Cartell Loaded with Music Pant from Myer, $449.

Photo sources: Posh24; Miss Ivy; FashionisingThe Satorialist, Stockholm Street Style.


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  • Stefanie

    I just bought a black pair at lunch today!

  • Karen

    Do share details stefanie are they fabulous?

  • Kym

    Paula, can you do a segment on the best black cigarette leg pant? I have been looking for the perfect black pant (seams like forever) and just can not find it 🙁

  • Stefanie

    Hi Karen, very simple just plain black flat fronted with false side pockets so no added bulk and best of all 7/8 length which is full length on vertically challenged me! I think they will be a wardrob staple 🙂

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  • Niconic

    Seriously, $400-$500 for a pair of pants is just ludicrous. Even if i could afford to spend that on pants, I wouldn’t on principle. Love your ideas, Paula, but could we have some more reasonable examples for those of us not willing or able to spend that much?

  • Love the blue polka dotty ones Poppy D’s wearing. And Olivia P always looks so polished! ELL

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