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February 11th, 2013

Lessons In Style (Grammy & BAFTA).

Lessons In Style (Grammy & BAFTA).

One day. Two Award Shows.

The BAFTA’s are fabulous because everyone tries extra hard  just because they’re in Britain (posh preconceptions) and I love the Grammy Awards because rock stars do it better.

In London it was all about black and umbrellas while across the pond the carpet was full of honey tans, thigh slashed frocks and red lips.

Here’s a mash-up of the fashion bits you need to know.

Back To Black.

Black has been absent from the red carpet for a long time.

Not so this weekend. It was everyone’s top choice and made anything colourful look awfully dated. In tulle, sequins, jersey, taffeta, beads…it was there in both good and bad.

Best in show: Anne Hathaway in Burberry, Amy Adams and Sarah Jessica Parker both in Elie SaabSamantha Barks in Celia Kritharioti, Laura Whitmore in Alexandre Vauthier.

[dmalbum path="/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/BAFTAS in Black./"/]

Really Helen? Really?

I worship at the altar of Helen Mirren. She is fifty shades of fabulous but there comes a moment in every woman’s life when she has to ‘leave it to the kids’ and Helen, when it comes to coloured hair that moment has arrived for you.

After looking beyond extraordinary at the Golden Globes she teamed a dress that belonged on ‘Dancing With The Stars‘ with Carol Brady’s haircut dyed pink. She looked like she was wearing a hat made out of fairy floss.

Not ironic Helen. Ridiculous. But because you are Helen you are forgiven for all things.

Glittery, Glimmery Things.

Florence Welch in gorgeous green Givenchy, Amanda Byram in bronze; there were lots of frocks that looked like molten metal and liquid sequins had been poured over the body and set to fit.

Sexy, sexy, sexy.

[dmalbum path="/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Glittery Glimmery Things./"/]

Rihanna In Red.

Shut the box and throw away the key.

Red lip. Red gown. Red hot. Rihanna looked simply beautiful in her floaty Alaia and then there was her performance and performance gown. Both banana’s.

I do not understand the choices she’s making in her personal life but I cannot look away –  she’s a superstar.

The Bell Skirt.

Alexa Chung  and Adele (both in Valentino) had the freshest silhouette on the carpet in 1950′s inspired bell gowns.

In a sea of mini’s, trains and floor lengths they looked modern in the most retro of ways. Red lips included. You couldn’t get two more radically different body shapes and yet this style flattered both equally.

Many people think Adele looked like she was wearing a curtain but I was so happy to see her out of a black column gown with a boat neck and seven pairs of Spanx underneath it that I don’t agree.

Vivia la Bell.

Getting Better With Age.

Jennifer Garner take a bow.

The actress and mum of three under six is getting better and better with age. I love how she doesn’t look too thin or too perfect, she’s just elegant, womanly and lovely. She nailed the BAFTA red carpet in black and white Roland Mouret, chic middle part and dark nails.

New crush.


Colour blocking has been replaced with black and white panelling.

This trend works in the same way by balancing out your body shape but gives you a sleeker, cleaner silhouette. Beyonce did it well in Osman by Osman Yousefzada pantsuit as did Hayley Atwell in Antonio Berardi.

Kelly Osbourne Got The Memo.

Finally. No mermaid tail frock. No Zac Posen.

Kelly Osbourne looked the best she has looked in forever in a black, modern, cool Paule Ka gown.

Don’t go back Kelly. Hold strong. Next step? Hair that doesn’t look like a cupcake.

You can do it girl….

Grecian Draping Goes Rock.

Slinky, sexy Grecian draped gowns in satin, jersey and silk are back. Again.

I love, love Jennifer Lopez in asymmetrical black from Anthony Vaccarello - could have lived without the tight top-knot hair but full marks for everything else. Taylor Swift wore a white, warrior goddess gown and spent an awful long time on her feet during the awards broadcast singing along to everything.

I’m convinced there was a camera dedicated just to her

Anyway…these are newer riffs on an age-old trend that have less volume and more slink.

Kill Me Now.

In the wrong hands nude mesh panelling can go very, very wrong. I’m looking at you Alice Eve. What happened here? This dress looks like something you would wear to the Olympic Games with a pair of ice skates. If you were an Olympian.

Lots of height going on in the fringe quiff isn’t there Alice? And many, many beads on the shoes. Which I can see because your dress finished ten inches before it should of.

Time to put a broom through your glam squad.

Katy Perry’s Boobs.

Need their own postcode. The End.

Freaking Hilarious.

I love this so much.

Lisa D’Amato wearing lederhosen meets a paper fan meets a Christmas bonbon. What was she thinking? No really what? I can’t imagine finding words to justify the decision to wear his dress. Except maybe for drugs.

This is so wrong that it’s fantastic. It looks like a third William’s sister has been hidden away all these years and that a girl band is the post-tennis retirement plan. SWV (Sister’s With Voices) are a band from the 90′s and so are their outfits.

Full marks for primary colour co-ordination. And belts.

As if I could let this one through to the keeper.

Janelle Monae is genius and quirky but seriously….ROTFLMFAO.



  • Ruth BT

    I loved what Janelle Monae wore – kinda reminds me of Bjork and I think the world needs more adventurous dressing like hers. The fit was beautiful. Sure she needed a horse but kudos to her for being brave.

  • Dulcie

    Bahahahahaha – great wrap up Paula. Absolutely hilarious! Thanks x

  • Stefanie

    I love these wrap ups, spot on and very entertaining! Not usually a fan of Rihanna’s style but wow she looks amazing, I think this is the best I’ve seen her look.

  • Josephine

    I fell in love with Paule Ka when I lived in Paris. Great to see it again after all these years!

  • Skye

    Perfect wrap up! Thanks so much for saying that Helen Mirren’s hair was all wrong, all the other websites are talking about how fabulous it was – and it so wasn’t. And I so agree re Jennifer Garner, she is just getting better and better. As is Ben Affleck I think!

  • pops

    katy perry’s boobs are out of this world! and is it just me, or is taylor swift looking awfully skinny lately?
    rihanna looks outrageously good!

  • Caroline Overington

    I gotta disagree. The best thing about Helen’s hair was when they asked her: why the pink hair Helen? and she said, “i saw it on Next Top Model and I thought I’d give it a go.” That was the best thing about the whole red carpet. Helen is Sex Pistols. You know what I mean.

  • PaulaJoye

    I didn’t hear her say that and I love. It’s why I forgive all things her but she needed to put that hair with a black tux or column dress not a ball gown with hand-dyed shoes!
    Then she would have lived up to pistol status. Which she holds.

  • Katrina

    You’re absolutely hilarious Paula! Loved this post!

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