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November 9th, 2017

Nicole Richie Holiday Style.

Not since Jackie Onassis and Carolyn Kennedy has there been a wardrobe I’ve stalked more.

Nicole Richie is an inspiring dresser.

She’s not afraid of taking risks but manages to pull even her most whacky looks back to classic.

She sets the gold standard for holiday dressing – simple, relaxed dressing with just the right amount of glamour.

Here’s what we can learn (and pack) from fashion’s new master.

Black & White.

When Liz Hurley wears white jeans it doesn’t work out like this.

Loose, low and man style is how to make classic white denim work on vacation. The genius of this look is that she’s mismashed her eras: a 1970’s crochet singlet and bikini top, with Gatsby style spats and nautical stripe scarf.

She’s also started carrying the bag she made famous – Balenciaga Motor Cycle Tote – once again.

Dusting mine off.


Why do you not own a pair yet? I feel like we’ve had this conversation…

Aviators are the blue jeans of the sunglass family – timeless, classic and cool.

There is a size and a colour for every shape and skin colour. Over-sized is my preference and I love the gold frame. Ray-Ban, Burberry – finding the shape that suits your face makes them the foundation of your holiday look.

They go beach to bar better than any other frame.

 Print Pants.

Print this out and stick it on your fridge.

Patterns make sense on holiday. Flowing with flat shoes they look unaffected and effortless.

What makes this look so great is the block black with the print trim and the way she’s just wrapped the kimono around her waist.

Copy, copy. copy.

4. Statement Frock.

The mistake we all can make on holidays is going too casual – glamour is good.

In recent years, I’ve tried to pack at least a couple of gowns or long party frocks to wear during the day in a more off-duty kind of way.

Vacations should also provide a break from your nine-to-five style so try taking one of your favourite night time pieces and pairing it with flats and a day bag.

They’re also surprisingly easy to pack – just roll them up.

A Hippie Skirt.

Race you to Tree Of Life.

Nicole has taken the bohemian essential and made it modern. I almost want to wear a crop top. Almost.

Long floral and batik print skirts flatter everyone. Buy many. Team with a tank, a bikini top, a white shirt, a long line blazer.

This is the single most important piece to add to your summer 2013 wardrobe.


There will always be a place in fashion for denim cut-offs.

This is the space you want to be playing in: good pale wash, not too tight, accessorised and beach side.

That’s key: we’re not out to dinner, we’re near the water.

And also we’re never at a petrol station in Ugg boots… are we Britney?!

The Extras.

Everyone needs:

1) Missoni Beach Towel (it’s an investment).

2) Triangle Bikini (even if you only wear the top under clothes)

3) White Straw Fedora (there is no other hat)

The Side Slick.

She wore the same hair style everyday. Low side part, wet look slick. Low maintenance and yet so cool.

Sarah Laidlaw, Kérastase Creative Stylist shows us how easy it is. Here’s how to DIY:

1. Start by washing your hair. Gently squeeze the excess moisture out with a soft towel.

2. Work a styling mousse (try Kérastase Age Premium Mousse Substantive) throughout the hair from roots to ends. With a fine tooth comb do a low side parting and slick the hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck.

3. On the last turn of the hairband as you’re pulling the hair through, let the ends stay tucked into the band leaving a sleek loop of hair. Finish with a spray of Kérastase Reflection Chroma Sensitive Laque Fixante to control any little hairs that loosen up as the hair begins to dry.





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