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December 4th, 2012

The Maxi, The Cover-Up & Pastels.

The Maxi, The Cover-Up & Pastels.

Swimsuit, sundress and a sundowner – Zimmermann is synonymous with long summer days, bikinis, perfect summer dresses and a cocktail to go with it.

I’ve known Nicky and Simone (two of fashion’s true nice girls) since the very earliest days and watched as they’ve taken the label from local domination to global success. Much of the brands popularity has to do with consistency – season to season they make clothes that women want to wear and feel good wearing.

My wardrobe is full of Zimmermann – from swimsuits to some treasured sample dresses – it’s my go-to for pretty, feminine, sexy dressing.

I went in store this week to edit the Spring/Summer 2013 collection and honestly I could have bought the lot.

I sort of did.

The Short Playsuit.

I don’t think there’s an age cut-off point for romper/play/jumpsuits but I do think there are a some rules you should adhere to over the age of five.

– Choose a style in a loose/light/fluid/draped fabric – nothing shiny or tight please.

– I always buy a size up – roomier is better with this type of style.

– If the jumpsuit has long pants then the straps should be thin (or strapless) and if the legs are short then the suit should have sleeves. Why??? Short legs and thin straps can look like a swimsuit. Sleeves and long legs can look like a Pit Crew outfit.

This is the perfect summer playsuit. Bought it for Christmas day.

CLICK TO BUY: Zimmermann Zoe Chiffon Playsuit in Ivory, $375Zimmermann Tank in White, $75.

The Pastel Suit.

This outfit is edible.

Zimmermann is full of sorbet shades in linen and chiffon – skirts, camisoles and blazers.

I’ve paired ice blue with apricot because I like to clash opposite sides of the colour wheel when it comes to pastels. All theses pieces work individually (imagine that jacket with jeans!) but this outfit is your ultimate daytime summer look – layered, light, multipurpose – you could easily throw this on with flat silver sandals.

It’s my new ‘day wedding’ look.

CLICK TO BUY: Zimmermann Clique School Boy Blazer in Chill, $475; Zimmermann Silk Tank in Chill, $195Zimmermann Silk Gore Skirt in Sherbet, $195.

Do you own a silver metallic clutch yet? This is the one for you then. You’ll use it constantly.

CLICK TO BUY: Zimmermann Envelope Clutch in Silver, $175.

The Maxi Dress.

I have a love hate relationship with maxi dresses – a lot of the time they make me feel like I’m back in maternity land.

But…they are the most comfortable thing a women can wear so when I find one that does all the right things I do a fashion dance and buy multiples.

This is the perfect maxi. It really is. Shoe string straps (it’s important to show lots of skin up top when you’re covering every other inch), starchy yet soft cotton, Grecian draping at the back. I bought it and wore it all weekend through the heat wave.

Plus who knew Zimmermann did such amazing desert boots? These felt like slippers.

CLICK TO BUY: Zimmermann Runaway Scarf Hem Dress in Harper Red, $395; Mania Mania Phenomenon Bracelet, $360 (in store only); Zimmermann Stitched Low Vintage Boot, $475.

The Cut-Out.

Laser cut-outs feel like wearing petals or air. Super light – they’re like an edgy tutu.

The softness of the colours and drape of this top are just beautiful – there is also a version in metallic gold (below) which is divine. This style can be worn casually with jeans or shorts. Or bloused over a pencil skirt or cigarette pants for evening.

The silk camisole I layered underneath is a must-buy – for both layering and wearing on its own (as below) – perfect weight/cut/length.

CLICK TO BUY: Zimmermann Clique Perforated Chiffon Tee in Sorbet Floral, $595 (in store only); Zimmermann Silk Tank in Chill, $195.

IN-STORE BUY: Zimmermann Clique Links Sloppy Joe, $1,250.

The Fishtail Skirt.

Oh look there’s that camisole again…in black. See what I mean?! Goes. With. Everything.

This skirt is a piece of art. Fish tail, laser cut, printed satin – it’s a special skirt. I believe that if you’re going to do something then you should really do something and this skirt ticks the box.

New Years Eve, Christmas Party, any party…imagine it on the dance floor.

CLICK TO BUY: Zimmermann Silk Tank in Black, $195Zimmermann Clique Perforated Skirt in Illusions Floral, $850.

The Beach Cover-Up.

If I was a piece of clothing I would probably be this beach cover-up.

There was no way I was leaving the store without it. Zimmermann are the best at easy, cool pieces you can throw over your cossie but still run into your boss in.

The hood, the stripe, the colour…you know you want it too.

CLICK TO BUY: Zimmermann Splendour Stripe Hoodie Dress, $240.






  • Jade

    I am not the biggest fan of jumpsuits- in fact I have never seen one I thought looked any good until I saw that one on you. You look absolutley divine! Unfortunatley it would do no favours to my short frame :(
    Can I also say that I LOVE you in colour. It seems that all your ‘what I wore’ posts show you in variants of black and white, so it is very refreshing to see how much colour lifts your look.

  • Guest

    I mean do NO favours.

  • Emma

    Paula you always look so glowing and radiant. I would love to wear white in summer, but always feel too pasty. Can you recommend a dependable spray tanning service for a spray-tan virgin like myself – plus any other useful bronzing tips? How long will a spraytan last – and do self-tanners smell better than they did a decade ago?

  • Barb Fisher

    I am obsessed with Zimmermann for little girls too! I just purchased about three swimsuits and a couple of playsuits as we are moving to Singapore in January – I figure there will be plenty of pool time involved. Of course as much as possible with me with a cocktail in my hand.

  • fm

    you must share your beauty/cleanse/moisturise secrets…your skin has been lookin sublime of late. pls share. xxx

  • Charlotte

    I LOVE that playsuit!!!

  • Stefanie

    Great edit and just want to say you are glowing in the pics xo

  • Jennie

    Paula, I’m sure you are healthy and you appear to have an amazing figure, but I gotta say that play suit may be a size larger but it makes you look a size larger too! Everything else is fab- well except for the fishtail skirt? Really Zimmerman fishtail’s accentuate your hips and makes most women look larger than they are. Work to your figure I say, don’t buy everything from one designer just because you like their designs.

  • Jane

    Paula I thought you looked rockin’ hot in that play suit! Didn’t think it made you a look bigger AT ALL! You’ve got great legs and I love it when you wear things that show them off. But you always looks fabulous and it’s so nice to see clothes being modelled on someone who isn’t a model because it gives me a better idea of what they’ll look like on me (ie. someone who isn’t a stick insect).

  • PaulaJoye

    Thank you Jane.
    Big kiss of gratitude.

  • PaulaJoye

    Love your honesty Jennie – all opinions welcome here.
    I don’t agree on the playsuit – it had me at ‘Hello’.

  • PaulaJoye


  • PaulaJoye

    Thank you fm.
    And post is on the way – there’s been a product switch.

  • PaulaJoye

    That’s how we like it.
    Stay in touch from Singapore Barb.

  • PaulaJoye

    Thank you Emma.
    We’re working on a fake tan post as I type.
    So stay tuned.

  • PaulaJoye

    Colour just may be my new year resolution Jade.
    Thank you.

  • Christina

    Absolutely love the jewellery styled with the ice blazer and apricot! Where is the ring and bangle from? Ps love your style

  • Dearne Sutherland

    Love all of these looks – especially the beach cover-up and the gorgeous playsuit!

  • Karen

    Totally agree fm, Paula u r glowing need all the details on how to get ur glow makeup and tanning tips please?

  • Emma George

    Thanks for this Paula. I have a ‘thing’ for Zimmermann playsuits – at last count I had 3 of them. Perfect for summer and I think as a mother of a toddler, sometimes a bit easier than a dress.

    Definitely interested in that lace playsuit for Christmas Day! Thanks for the edit.

  • Lis

    A penny for your skin secrets Paula? That faux-tan glow you’ve got happening is sublime.

  • Willi

    Totally disagree about the play suit. I think it is gorgeous and you looked amazing in it.

    P.s. not to get off topic but will you be posting your summer reading recommendations?

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  • Elyse

    Paula, where abouts is your gorgeous necklace from?

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