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July 11th, 2012

The Stones Muses.

rolling stones 50 years

Fifty years ago today The Rolling Stones played their first live gig.

An 18 year old Mick Jagger met a 17 year old Keith Richards by chance on a train station in Kent. That random meeting between these two teenage boys would shape music, fashion and popular culture forever. Few bands have made an imprint like The Stones – music that changed the world, fashion that defined an era and a swagger that is as cool today as it was then.

The Muses.

Marianne, Jerry, Anita, Patti...the women in The Stones’ lives have made almost as big an impact as the men themselves. Here’s my Top Five Most Influential RS Ladies.

rolling stones 50 years

Marianne Faithfull with Mick.

Marianne Faithfull with Keith.

rolling stones 50 years

Anita Pallenberg.

Jerry Hall with Mick.

rolling stones 50 years

Patti Hansen with Keith and kids.

rolling stones 50 years

Bianca Jagger with Mick.

The Fashion.

rolling stones 50 years

Keith Richards was a fashion god. People will argue Mick but I will always argue Keith. Hot.

From hats, feathers and stars and stripes tights to Dandy suits and pirate shirts The Rolling Stones are responsible for some of fashion’s most famous moments. Every wardrobe needs a Super Lick Logo T-Shirt and a black Trilby hat.

Rock Essentials.

rolling stones 50 years

CLICK TO BUY: Classic Rolling Stones Super Lick T-Shirt, $32.99; Stanton Black Trilby, $39.95.

The Covers.

The Beatles hold the record (30 at last count) but the band that shares the same name as music’s most important magazine has multiple iconic covers of their own.

The Music.

rolling stones 50 years

This is soooo subjective but here is MY (me, mine, just one opinion) all-time, Top 10 Stones songs. In no particular order.

Play them often and loud.

Music Playlist at

The Story.

rolling stones 50 years

The Stones back story is fascinating. Even if you’re not a music nerd. These book are the pick of the pack.

1) For the coffee table you can’t go past The Rolling Stone 50 which is the only official anniversary hardback crammed with never-before-seen images and memorabilia…I bought it for the cover alone.

2) Obsessed with the new unauthorised biography on Mick Jagger (Mick: The Wild Life & Mad Genius of Jagger) which drops many bombshells including confirmation of his affair with David Bowie. I can’t put it down.

3) If you haven’t read Keith Richards’ autobiography (Life) then you need to stop what you’re doing and get on it. Fantastic read full of stuff even the most die-hard Stones fans might not have known and even if you are not a Stones fan this book will make you one.

rolling stones 50 years

CLICK TO BUY: 1. The Rolling Stones 50, $37.60; 2. Mick: The Wild Life & Mad Genius of Jagger, $15.84; 3. Life By Keith Richards, $10.98.

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  • ash

    I’m 24 and read Keith Richard’s ‘Life’ earlier this year. Have always loved certain songs by the Stones but thought I was a bit “young” to really “get” the band. However the biography blew me away and now I am a true fan. Absolutely loved it.

  • shoegal melbs

     I love that you just wrote this. I am also 24 and have similar feelings about the band, huge respect, love the fashion and everything that goes with it, but a bit young for the hysteria, however I think I will definitely read the book too now that you have said that 🙂

  • ash

    Definitely do it! Couldn’t recommend it enough. It took me a while to get into it but the second half of the book is just a whirlwind. So don’t be put off!

  • PaulaJoye

    Wait until you read the new Mick one.

  • Free

    Re: the Fashion God of the Stones. How could you overlook Charlie Watts? So debonair and elegant, even while drumming! Loved Keith’s book: devoured it in a couple of sittings and enjoyed every page.

  • Brilliant post Paula, great photos!  I love your blog, thank you for always keeping your posts so diverse and fresh x

  • Alk

    I love Keith as well. The best. 

  • Gin & Tonic

    My wedding dress was inspired by Bianca Jagger’s gorgeous suit.

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