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February 15th, 2013

Black Bras With Everyting.

Black Bras With Everyting.

I’ve found myself influenced by Carrie Bradshaw again.

She wore a black bra under everything. Even asymmetrical tops. I really love the hint of a chic black bra – it’s sexy without being obvious.

She also rarely wore polish on her nails – they were always buffed and painted clear – an Anna Wintour signature. My nails are in rehab from too many Shellac manicures so I’ve been getting regular manicures and using a clear Herome nail hardener instead.

I’m kinda hooked on the natural, low maintenance finish.

Bras A La Bradshaw.

CLICK TO BUY: Oroton Grace Uplift Bra, $89.95; Stella McCartney Freya Filming soft cup bra, £45.83

Subdued Black.

My youngest turned seven today and I’m a little sad – how did my baby grow up so fast???

I dressed to this mood because sometimes clothes tell a story without having to say anything at all.

Wearing: black lace pleat skirt from Burberry, white linen t-shirt from Sambag (CLICK TO BUY) and black jacket from White Suede, vintage rings and watch from Juicy Couture. 

Shop My Look.

CLICK TO BUY: Michael Kors Oversized Runway Watch from Shopbop, $250; Asos Leather Look Collarless Quilted Biker Jacket, $83.23; Topshop Black Lace Hem Full Skirt, £36; J. Crew Vintage White Cotton T-Shirt, £30.

More Black & White Style Inspiration.



  • Sarah

    I have to disagree, I think that photo of SJP in the pink singlet with blck bra straps showing is awful. A hint of it under white tshirt is fine but for me, bra staps showing like that is a no no.
    But then Carrie’s style never really did it for me in general, so perhaps thats why!

  • Lauren

    When I grow up, I want to be Paula Joye.

    KILLING it in this outfit. I’m borderline obsessed with your watch, who is it by?

  • Lauren

    Sorry, you did say the watch was Juicy Couture, that’ll teach me to honour my comprehension skills.

  • Lealea

    I love that skirt! You look great in short full skirts, wish I could pull the look off but my lack of a defined waist makes me look too chunky. Love the whole look!

  • Lipstick & Cake

    My credit card just shuddered, I want everything! x
    I always noticed Carrie’s lack of polish and wondered why…

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