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March 7th, 2013

What I Wore (7/3).

What I Wore (7/3).

Do you have days when everything is just too much?

I am having one of those days. There are plates crashing around me like a tavern in Mykonos.

I can’t even write a more imaginative analogy…..running on empty.

Usually when I feel like this I reach for sequins but I can’t look at another sparkly bead after the Oscars – that red carpet made me want to bathe in black.

So…metallic rose gold it is.

The comfort food of the metal family, rose gold throws warm, soft light on your skin and works with any neutral – denim, white, tan, black.

I found this jacket at the Witchery airport store yesterday. Love shopping in between flights and love a dressy track top. Double Tick. CLICK TO BUY.

The pants are from comfort central from Bassike and the top is a classic camisole from Zimmermann.

Rose gold watch from Juicy Couture and some vintage rose gold rings.

Okay so there’s some glitter on my shoes. Dorothy meets the jungle. Hoping they’ll take me away today.

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  • phoodietweets

    Loving the Rose Gold! It “came back” in a big way in the mid 90’s and then vanished but appears to be with us again! Throws great tones off your skin too! :)

  • Claudia P

    You might feel like crap but you still look fabulous!
    Some days are tougher than others and when they are, be kind to yourself &
    enjoy the simple things – hugs from your kids, strong coffee and a nice glass
    of wine. Tomorrow will be better… I promise, it’s Friday after all!
    xx Claudia P

  • PaulaJoye

    That’s so nice of you Claudia.
    I am going to have all of those things. in multiple.

  • PaulaJoye

    I needed all the throwing I could get today.

  • Champagne4lulu

    I am having one of those days too. Maybe a bit of dressing up will swing things around. Your post was so timely, thank you xx

  • Kate

    What about the shoooooeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss? Where are they from?

  • Stefanie

    Hi Paula, you look pretty hot for someone feeling blah. Weekend is a day away :) I love shopping at the airport especially since hubby likes to ask do you want to think about it and come back? can’t do that at the airport so I get to shop away. Xo

  • Fm

    Paula you have a fabulous Rose gold sandal also which you wore sometime last year which I loved.

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