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November 9th, 2012

What I Wore (9/11).

What I Wore (9/11).

I collect pineapples, flags and elephants.

I love them equally and obsessively. This t-shirt was from Topshop (2005) and it has become one of my all time favourite tee’s – retro, distressed, cool. The navy boucle jacket is Chanel, the skirt was a recent find from Cue – not online but may still be some in storethe shoes are River Island. The bangles are practically free and I love a studded finish – it’s as punk as I get.  CLICK TO BUY: Diva Spike Bracelet, $9.99 (each)

I Heart Pineapples.

CLICK TO BUY: My Island Home Stripe Sequin T-shirt, $150; SpreadShirt Pineapple T-shirt, £18.80CafePress Quote Pineapple Onsie, $20.50.

Pineapples on Etsy.

Enter pineapple into the search on etsy and your computer may explode… you can lose hours of your life trawling the tropical aisles – I don’t mind giving for good pineapples. Here are some of my best buys. CLICK TO BUY: 1. Vintage Art Print of a Queen Pineapple on 210 Year Old Dictionary Paper, $7; 2. Sarah Coventry Autumn Haze Pineapple Pin & Earrings 1960s Vintage, $30; 3. Vintage Brass Pineapple Customised with Bright Blue Paint by Trash Things, £17.

  • Gets

    Everingham & Watson have amazing pineapple-themed homewares! You’d love them.!/~/product/category=2602486&id=11500174

  • Stefanie

    Hi Paula, I love the vintage print. It’s funny I was purchasing from Temple & Webster not long ago and saw some pineapple hooks on sale and immediately thought Pauld would like these :)

  • CaraDee

    Tiffany and Co – pineapple charm…If you don’t already have one. It’s caribbean, tropical and screams summer ;)

  • Jude

    Was just about to share that link! They have gorgeous stuff.

  • Corina

    I LOVE hearing about other people’s collections! I collect watches, combi vans and keys. I am also obsessed with small brass animals and vintage anything! You look gorgeous x

  • Abbey Richards

    I love how you remember the year you bought your pineapple t-shirt!
    I struggle to remember what I did yesterday…!

  • Claudia

    Great summer outfit.. so fruity! Spotted this bag whilst shopping tonight, thought to myself “this is so Paula”…

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