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August 15th, 2012

What I Wore (David Jones).

What I Wore (David Jones).

Busy day yesterday filming the David Jones Spring/Summer 2013 launch for Channel Nine Mornings.

Lots of (figuartive) hats + lots of backstage business = loads of time on my feet.

My answer to that has always been – go high or go home. And Nurofen.

Wearing: Cream silk top from Zara (in store now) and black skirt from Miu Miu.

Handbag from Chanel.

Pumps with patent leather toe from Steve MaddenCLICK TO BUY

The Jewellery.

I’ve had lots of emails about my vintage jewellery – where to buy it etc. So I thought I would edit a few pieces from one of my favourite stores and wear them in these posts so they’re available to purchase.

Harlequin Market has a beautifully curated range of jewellery that spans French vintage to Bakelite. Owner and buyer Bruna Harrison also has an excellent collection of Chanel (which is what I primarily collect) and Dior.

Vintage designer jewellery has the price tag you’d expect so it should be a considered, qualified puchase. You can shop with confidence at this special store – it’s the real deal.

CLICK TO BUY: Vintage Chanel Cuff; Vintage Chanel Neckpiece with Double C

  • Corina

    I LOVED this post! Thank you for doing a special mention of your stunning jewellery! If I had not just purchased a jan Logan diamond pendant that Chanel cuff may have become mine. It is STUNNING! Keep telling us about your jewellery Paula. It is always my favourite part of any outfit :)

  • Pamela

    I have now purchased 2 pairs of Steve Madden heels thanks to your posts! Love your work.

  • Fred Shahed

    stunning jewellery paula you must also check out Fred Shahed hair and fashion boutique they have a large archive of costume jewellery by the likes of lanvin chanel dior and givenchy to name a few

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