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March 27th, 2013

Feather Evening Jackets.

Feather Evening Jackets.

It’s funny how some outfits force their way into your wardrobe by osmosis.

I’ve had this blue feather bolero for about twelve years. I had it made for a shoot and couldn’t bare to part with it – so it came home and lived in the back of my closet.

There are not a lot of occasions in my life that call for feathers so I’ve been known to wear this around the house on weekends. And why not??

Anyway…when I put this outfit together on the weekend I realised that it was identical to the outfit that Carla Zampatti (one of my all time favourite women) wore during an interview I did with her last year.


I’d filed it away in my style memory under ‘must-wear’ and like magic twelve months later it fell out of my wardrobe and onto my body.

Carla is a big believer in the chicness of jumpsuits and usually has one or two in every collection.

She’s absolutely right (natch) because  when jumpsuits are well-tailored they work just like a blazer and pull your look together – CLICK TO BUY A CARLA ZAMAPATTI  JUMPSUIT

WEARING: black jumsuit by Carla Zampatti and feather bolero jacket.

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  • elvajean

    Oh Paula I do so love it when you wear ‘colour’. This blue is just sublime on you. I think that should be your next wardrobe challenge…..colour….bright colour!

  • Hanne_Liz

    Stunning! Carla Zampatti, the ultimate inspiration.

  • Stefanie

    Paula you know I love my black but you’ve inspired me to wear colour, you look gorgeous!

  • Mel Bannon

    you’ve done it again – fabulous!

  • Mel Bannon

    you’ve done it again – fabulous!

  • Jenny Louise Wright

    paula you inspired me to buy a clarasonic and i never buy beauty products!

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