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November 26th, 2012

What I Wore (Friday Night).

What I Wore (Friday Night).

I am an ambassador for SunSCHine – a charity that raises funds for the emergency department for Sydney Children’s Hospital and on Friday night they held a fundraising event beachside at Neilson Park.

I wore a vintage lace playsuit, black tuxedo jacket and wedges. Let the record show that there was no handbag – sometimes all you need is your phone.

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Postcards from the party…love the baubles in the trees.

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Sunschine/”/]

Support SunSCHine.

 Nikki with daughters Pia & Mimi.

My friend Nikki Dunlop (Chair of the SunSCHine committeeexperienced first-hand the life saving work of Sydney Children’s Hospital when her two year old daughter Pia suffered a cardiac arrest in the Emergency Department at Sydney Children’s Hospital. Emergency Department specialists worked tirelessly on resuscitating Pia for 55 minutes. Thanks to a piece of equipment funded by our donors, the team finally managed to trigger an irregular heartbeat. Pia was placed into a medically induced coma and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit where she was put on life support, and remained in an induced coma for 10 days. Against the odds, Pia walked out of the hospital alive and well two months later without brain damage or permanent disabilities.

Pia was found to have a rare condition called Prolonged QT Syndrome, predisposing her to cardiac arrhythmia. She is restricted from certain high heart rate activities and takes a beta blocker daily to maintain a low heart rate. To live through 55 minutes without a heartbeat is a miracle. Pia is living testament to what our Hospital staff do for our kids every day.

Nikki and her friends have now teamed up to give back to the hospital that saved Pia’s life. Passionately committed to making a difference in children’s lives, they’re hosting SunSCHine, a fun summer-inspired cocktail party. To donate or become involved head to

  • Barb Fisher

    Gorgeous playsuit PJ. Does Mia know you wore this?? You need to chat to her about playsuits.

    PS – can we change the name ‘playsuit’ to something that doesn’t sound like your three year old might want to dress Big Ted up in it?

  • Sam

    Paula could you show us your necklaces and rings you are wearing here more closely?

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