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November 28th, 2012

Magic Pants.

Magic Pants.

Yesterday I was shooting a series of Edit Posts (stay tuned) and as is usually the case I ended up shopping.

I bought these pants from Cue and they are magic. Magic I tell you. They should not suit me and yet they have the power to transform. I saw them on three very different body shapes while in the store and it suited every single one of them. Even with flats. Perhaps it’s the drape, perhaps it’s the panel, perhaps it’s the ankle treatment – I don’t care they are miraculous.

I am obsessed  and predict that they will be gone quicker then you can say CLICK TO BUY.

The tuxedo jacket with lace back is Yves Saint Laurent (my nod to Desperately Seeking Susan) and the silk camisole is Sass & Bide.

CLICK TO BUY: Cue Crepe Stripe Slouch Pant, $219; My Life in Books Cami, $250 from Sass & Bide.

  • Cass

    I love pants like this. They look fab on you. I haven’t been into Cue for quite some time since i turned away from a corporate look but i’m keen to go in there now. Seems like they have come a long way with their designs.

  • Sar

    That looks like the Max Media offices in the background? Great pants!

  • Jane Frosh

    bought! awesome x

  • Lulu

    I love these, unsure if they’d suit me but worth trying I guess? Have to admit, not sure I’m keen to pay $219 for 100% polyester pants… I HATE poly!! Wish a store near me had them in stock so I could see them irl!! Siiiiighhhh

  • serena elise

    Love them..i buy just about everything you show….got the last pair..yayaya

  • Corina

    Not sure about these pants. They look too much like tracky daks and I will die before I spend over $200 on a pair of those! Of course you look great as usual PJ but I am not convinced this time. x

  • FiP

    I think they look HOT. Ive got a similar pair & you’re right … Just about any figure looks great. Go CUE

  • PaulaJoye

    They really have. Wait till you see my EDIT post from in store.
    Coming today.

  • PaulaJoye

    You would not hate these.
    They are awesome.
    Nearly sold out on line.

  • PaulaJoye

    You will love them.

  • PaulaJoye

    I’m wearing them again today.

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  • Corina

    Ha! I like the pants and have a similar pair (cotton, no stripe) so I understand the flattering part. I think I just don’t like them being dressed up. They seem more casual to me but hey what would I know? x

  • Seana Gall

    These would most certainly be on your list of things men hate women to wear. That’s not stay I wouldn’t wear them!

  • PaulaJoye

    But I’d neer let that stop me.
    I love them.

  • Gin & Tonic

    Please stop Paula, you are killing me. I find it really hard not to buy everything you recommend.

  • karen

    I love your cross pendant Paula whos it by? is it a designer one? Im on the look out for my xmas present!

  • Jane

    These pants looked so amazing on you, so I raced into Cue and tried them on. Terrible! Really terrible. Just didn’t suit me – at all. And I so wanted them, and I wanted them to do their magic on me. Just not meant to be. But they still look bloody fab on you!

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