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April 30th, 2013

What I Wore (Red).

What I Wore (Red).

I never wear red. Never.

I feel it’s the colour of my dark and titian haired sisters. You need to be mysterious and exotic to pull off red and those are two adjectives which are not in the PJ description basket.

This tomato orange hue is the closest I’ve ever come to all-out scarlet. Does it suit me? I can’t decide?

I love the shape of this top. I bought it in every colour because it’s partically free.

WEARING: Red peplum top from ASOS, black silk pants from Willow, Camellia cuff from Sass & Bide.

Many of you have been asking for peplum top recommendations lately so here are five (red hot styles) to buy.

Peplum Love.

CLICK TO BUY: Alice + Olivia Patty Peplum Top from Shopbop, $265.28Reims Silk Peplum Top from L.K Bennett, £125Asos Peplum Top with Half Sleeve in Red, $39.86Shilla Great Peplum Top from The Iconic, $79.95Tibi Sleeveless Peplum Top from Matches Fashion, $445

Accessory Love.

My bracelet was a gift from my BFF Mia and sadly it has been shopped out. You can still purchase its cousin – the necklace – which is such a fab addition to any outfit. CLICK TO BUYSass & Bide Cut & Paste Camellia Necklace, $350

  • Kylie

    Love love love! Definitely suits you!


    I’m an all-black, well mostly black and neutral wearing kind of girl too but this is stunning and this pic of you is motivation for me to step outside my fashion box in terms of colour – amazing! Funny you say that about red re: brunettes because to me (generally) I think it looks better on blondes! :) Phoodie

  • Sarah

    I’m always impressed when people find nice pieces on asos. Every time I log on I get so overwhelmed by the number of items (and how awful some of them are) so I give up!

  • Stefanie

    Hi Paula, you look lovely – I think it looks great against your blonde hair. Have only bought red a few times in my life and each time I never wore the item, I wear black so often that red just stands out too much on me for my liking!

  • Kristy

    Hi Paula you look gorgeous as always! Would you mind telling what nail polish you’re wearing? Cheers

  • Angela

    Hi Paula
    The colour definitely suits you! How do you find the sizing on the top is it a small or large fit? What size do you order?

  • Lia

    It makes your face pop! Love ;) u look hot hottie hot!

  • Shelley

    Hi Paula,
    I just went a little peplum crazy last week because I’ve always loved the cut, and I was interested in how long you thought the trend would stick around for? Thanks!

  • Stephanie

    You look divine PJ!! I am as fair and as blond as you, and I think a splash of red brightens one up rather than overwhelming their look. I practically wear a hint of red everyday unconsciously as I just cannot resist! I love that it can make the most subdued outfit look a little scandalous!

  • Shelley

    Hi Sarah,
    You’re so right. With ASOS I find it’s better to have an idea of what you might be looking for and a budget etc, that way you can narrow the search down and not get overwhelmed :)

  • Income-poop

    Paula – this colour looks amazing on you! I have always wanted to message you to say that you truly are one very stylish lady and in my eyes can do no wrong. I love reading your style tips, and have made many a purchase as per your ‘instruction’. I love your down to earth approach to fashion, cooking and all things style – you are like the ‘go-to-girlfriend’ when there is a style related quandary! Don’t ever stop doing what you do, Ax

  • PaulaJoye

    Mwah. xx

  • PaulaJoye

    You need time for ASOS.
    I always look for shape and fabric.
    Steer clear of anything that crushes and anything too flimsy
    The stuff they do with structure is great.

  • PaulaJoye

    Love your use of adjectives in this comment.

  • PaulaJoye

    That is so lovely of you. Honestly.
    Taking time out your day to be kind…that would make you awesome.
    Thank you for stopping by – so pleased you like what we do.
    Thank you!!

  • PaulaJoye

    They are so flattering it’s easy to get addicted.
    They are as old as The Tudors so don’t worry about them fading as a trend. If they do – they shall be back. Again and again.

  • PaulaJoye

    I always go up a size when buying from high-street stores – in the UK especially – because they generally run small.

    I always say: Better to be safe than a sausage.


  • PaulaJoye

    Thanks Kristy.
    It’s Shellac Black.

  • PaulaJoye

    Do it!!!

  • PaulaJoye

    Thanks Kylie

  • PaulaJoye

    Time to try perhaps?

  • Angela

    That is the best line ever, I hope you don’t mind if I use it :)

  • Valerie

    Are you freaking serious Paula?
    Red suits you SO well!

    I want you to make a blog promise that you will try to wear it more!:)


  • Charley

    Just beautiful Paula. You just glow! I wear a bit of red but have always struggled with lipstick to suit. I normally wear a pinky/beige but love your pale pink…gorgeous.

  • ekfash

    would also look great with white pants

  • Peter

    Every color suits you, Paula. :)

  • WOWS

    Great amazing and stylish look!

    Don’t miss my last LADY&ROCK outfit…with strass booties!!

    Kisses from
    Win an ARMANI bag!!! – Worldwide Giveaway

  • Rochelle

    I would say this is one of your best looks ever. The cuff from Mia goes perfectly too – black, silver and red sounds tacky to me, but looks great when done properly. Thanks for sharing!

  • Lila

    You look so healthy in red!

  • HellB

    HI Paula, I love that shade of red on blondes – I’m one myself and adore this colour. I always add a bit extra makeup wise when I’m wearing it because it’s so dramatic – a matching lipstick/gloss or smokey eyes. I think it helps balance the brightness and draw attention back to my face instead of just the REALLY BRIGHT RED I’m wearing! Have fun with it, you always look great :)

  • Sarah

    Paula, the red is GREAT on you! Definitely a keeper for you. Now I’m going to go to Asos and buy my first peplum, thanks!

  • Corina

    Stunning as always x

  • kate

    Never never never wear red. I have a lot of black so when paired together i feel a bit like Santa Claus… anyway tomorrow Im actually wear a red Lanvin dress to my brothers wedding… I am more nervous than i was before my own wedding. Got too caught up in the omg this lanvin is on sale, anyway after seeing someone else who never wears red looking so fabulous im feeling slightly more confident!!

  • Karli

    I bought a stiff, teal one from ASOS and love it. This shade definitely suits you! Stunning.

  • Kym Piez

    You look fabulous in this red and those pants! Stunning! Wear more red. X

  • Fashion Envy

    That colour is stunning on you! and the cuff… there are no words!

  • Ally

    That red is hot on you! And your skin looks amazing of late…what type of maintenance are you doing, facials?? …please share!!! You are absolutely glowing in the glowiest way possible!
    And last question…what size did you buy? A 10?


  • Catriona

    Red is never about your colouring but more about your mood. Red is my favourite colour but I can only wear it when I am feeling “up”. Red gives you energy but you also need a bit of energy to wear red (or else it wears you).

  • Jane

    It DEFINITELY suits you! You look amaze!!!! And isn’t it funny – being a brunette I always felt that red is better suited to blondes! I NEVER wear red.

  • Christine Kardashian

    Love this look on you Paula! May I borrow one of these pics to put on my Facebook page to recreate the look for in-betweens?

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