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November 1st, 2012

What I Wore…Dubai.

What I Wore…Dubai.

Packing for a recent trip to Dubai had me stumped.

I wanted long and light and the only long frocks I own that match those adjectives have been to Award Shows.

I’m just not a maxi dress. I am a short skirt. So we had a problem…

When I travel I tend to pack in character and in Dubai I wanted to be Carrie meets Talitha Getty meets Princess Jasmine. I saw kohl eyeliner, OTT jewels, big frocks and some sequins. Camilla Franks very kindly lent me a whole host of the beautiful pieces from her S/S 2013 Collection and I mixed it up with some silk shirts, flat sandals, satin clutches and a couple of ball gowns I couldn’t resist bringing – it was actually a great holiday away from my usual work-day black.

Here’s what I wore.

Look 1.

Camilla Violet Eyes Stretch Yoke Full Skirt, $499; Equipment Cream Silk Shirt, $212.43.

Look 2.

I met Hind Beljafla - one half of Emirati design duo – DAS Collection. The sisters are the first designers to bring fashion to the traditional Abaya. Hind gave me a much greater understanding of the Abaya – its use, its importance and significance.

The duo have just shown their first collection at London Fashion Week and I was lucky enough to try on this stunning gold dress fresh from the runway. It’s an Abaya – DAS’s most in-demand (and copied) design.

I have it on pre-order – it felt and looked amazing.

Wearing it with a Diva Multi Stone Necklace, $34.99 – and later went to lunch with Hind at the Rivington Bar & Grill.

Look 3.

This was in the foyer of Raffles Hotel (hence the Raffles palm). The magnitude of this hotel takes your breathe away. I adore this skirt – the colour and the stretch silk. It’s on the summer shopping list - Camilla Hydra Stretch Yoke Full Skirt, $499. The shirt is an old, much loved cream, self polka-dot blouse from Scanlan & Theodore.

Look 4.

This was a Camilla skirt (out late November) that I turned into a dress (pulled it up, folded it over and tightened with a hair elastic). Over my shoulders is an Alexander McQueen Black Tuxedo Jacket. 

Look 5.

Carla Zampatti rockmelon georgette grecian draped gown. Bought it at her last sample sale. It is a dream. So was this hotel – The Palm – One & Only, Dubai.

Look 6.

Camilla Violet Eyes Long Kaftan with Overlay, $799 (available mid-November).

Camilla Palais de la Zahia Long Kaftan with Overlay, $799 (available mid-November).

Camilla Surrealist Xanado Long Scarf, $169 (available mid-November).

This was the night of a thousand kaftans. Literally. We were in the desert, it was my last night and I had a suitcase full of looks I needed to bust out. I love this style of kaftan because it has less volume than some of the other styles – it’s more evening gown. The browny, orange is my favourite.

I flew to Dubai as a guest of Emirates and Tourism Dubai Australia. Thank you for an incredible experience.


  • Phoodietweets

    Stunning. All of it. Camilla OBSESSED.

  • IvyRose

    You make me want to go to Dubai, like right now! Amazing!

  • Dolly Levi

    You look gorgous in everything here Paula, those skirts are devine.
    And Look 5 looks stunning, adore that dress !!

  • Stefanie

    You look stunning, all perfect choices! The Carla Zampatti dress is especially beautiful.

  • Ms Jane

    I want it all! Beautiful.g

  • Amy

    Hi Paula, you look great. Not sure if this is a meant to be or accident, here you say “its use, its impotence and significance.” Did you mean importance? Impotence may be what you meant but just checking ;)

  • PaulaJoye

    Oh Amy thank you!
    All the colour obviously got to my preemptive spell check.

  • Barb Fisher

    Stunning! I think you have just had every girl’s dream Arabian holiday Paula. I have forwarded this to my gorgeous best friend who lives in Riyadh. She’ll be wanting one of those gorgeous gold abaya’s…stat!

  • Ania Lukjanow

    I’ll have one of everything please!

  • Jane

    You look amazing in every single outfit. Seriously, I love them all – I cannot pick which one I love the best.

  • Corina

    God I LOVED this post! I have severe “life envy” Paula! You looked beautiful in every outfit x

  • PaulaJoye

    It’s a fabulous place to visit.

  • PaulaJoye

    Send me a picture of her in it.

  • PaulaJoye

    Thank you Corina.
    Too kind.
    PS: My life today has involved three loads of washing, two trips to Smiggle for three birthday parties over the weekend, I fell over sweeping the path and now I am making Compost Cookies with my youngest. It’s not always palaces I promise!

  • Corina

    But I bet you looked super glamorous whilst doing it all! x

  • noa

    Paula you are just beautiful and your knack for pulling together an outfit is just incredible. Love your style. Love your taste….. just sayin..
    PS. Rockmelon is an amazing colour on you!

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