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February 26th, 2017

What I Wore.


Every so often a trend comes along that makes getting dressed easy.

Or in fashion speak makes getting dressed effortless.

Next to effortless in the fashion dictionary is a picture of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy or an off-duty Charlize Theron.

At it’s centre effortless is refined, polished, perfectly cut pieces that make you look better than you did before you put them on.

Which is not ALL clothes.


Country Road have just released a new capsule range – Work Life – which is designed with effortless in mind.

Simple, classic pieces in good fabrics and a neutral palette that go from for work to evening without changing or beat skipping.

The heroes in the range are this soft satin navy trench and matching wide leg slouch pant.

Here are two pieces that will work together or very happily on their own.

This trench over denim, these pants with any evening top, a silk blouse – the options are many and varied.

Another thing to note is the fabric. It’s acetate even though it looks like satin. This means it doesn’t crush which means…travel.

Make this your 2017 power outfit.




navy4CLICK TO BUYCountry Road Soft Satin Trench, $349.00Country Road Wide Satin Pant, $229.00


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