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February 5th, 2017

Fit To Dance.


I had a lot of positive reaction to a post last week about my fitness goals for 2017.

This year I would like to wind back the clock on my health age by about five years.

Strength, stamina, skin, weight, energy – or at least try.

I’m already an exerciser – love to run – but part of this years journey is finding new ways to calm anxiety, change my body and feel young (ish) again.

I love the idea of dancing for fitness but have struggled to find the right avenue. A non dancer avenue.

Then like the universe was sending me a sign, the lovely Rachael Finch  (actually Miss Universe) saw the post on Instagram and contacted me about her new dance-based fitness program – Body Of Dance by Rachael Finch.


Fast forward five days: I’m in a studio with my youngest daughter Lulu and one of my sisters, Jane, having a private cha cha class with world champion dancer, Michael Miziner (Rachael’s husband – they met on Dancing With The Stars) who co-wrote the program.

So We Did It!

WATCH: Half way through the cha-cha routine and already feeling the pain.

And sincerely loved it.

It was challenging but not intimidating. All three of us were drenched and truly out of breath by the end of the thirty minute routine. We learnt the cha cha. It’s cardio on crack and the endorphin rush (which is so key for me when choosing exercise) was instant and long lasting.

It made me feel uplifted, accomplished and it’s just good old fashioned FUN.

The program makes much sense. It’s portable and only asks for thirty minutes three times a week. Do-able. You can stream it on any smart device and only need a small space – even the tiniest lounge room will work.

The routines and meal plans change each month and it costs $49 (monthly) with no contracts.

I’ve signed up  – Cha Cha and Hip Hop to start – and the plan is try and dance three times a week on top of my other fitness.

My sister is equally obsessed and going to do it with her daughters at home. As is Lulu with me.

Brilliant for kids. They don’t even know they’re exercising.

It launches tomorrow and you can register here.

And you should red-dress


How It Works.

WATCH: My interview with Michael and Rachael.

There are three parts to the B.O.D program which change every month with the promise to create a leaner, stronger, more defined shape.

DANCE: Learn some moves but remember, this isn’t just a dance class. You’ll be getting your heart rate up and learning different dance techniques. No dance experience or special equipment needed; just a loving, joyful attitude.

Each week for 4 weeks, Body Of Dance By Rachael Finch will take you through 3 dance sessions. Rachael will introduce you to two fun styles per month (think hip hop and salsa basics), plus 2 dance ‘infused’ workout circuit classes, 1 stretch and yoga-inspired recovery day and 1 complete rest day.

DINE: Rachael’s attitude toward food is big love. Meals on this program are NOT about giving up what you love, but about learning to love it in moderation, and enjoying new taste experiences. Rachael will guide you through meat-free Mondays, wheat-free Wednesdays and guilt-free Friday nights, with simple recipes, and all are nutritionist-approved.

DREAM: Through Body Of Dance By Rachael Finch, you’ll learn how to be truly mindful and in the moment; to collect and reflect on your thoughts and clear your overworked mind of clutter. Meditate with Rachael and let her nurturing affirmations help you breathe deeper, sleep more soundly and feel recharged.



From left and with ALL the love to: Michael Miziner, Rachael Finch, my Lulu Joye & my sister Jane Lunn.


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