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December 3rd, 2014

Day 3 (#getitin).

paula joye fitness

I’m feeling sore and virtuous.

This morning, I ran from North Bondi kids pool to South Bronte adult pool and back.


It was early, it was hot, it was haaard but what a way to start the day. Seriously, this coastline does summer like no other. .

Three days in to the challenge and I’m already feeling some benefits.  Going to bed earlier and waking up less tired. Tick and tick.


Post run this morning. Colour of a beetroot but happy.

I’ve had lots of requests this week about what tunes I have on my workout playlists – particularly running tracks.

Music is such a personal thing so I believe whatever makes you work harder or relax more is the right jam for you. There’s no rules.

When it comes to running, music can be the difference between loving and hating it. I have lots of different lists but this is what I ran to this morning. I generally walk for five or so minutes (usually talking to my husband who’s working out with me) and then run to a shuffle of the rest.

My taste is very eclectic but this one has something for most – you can follow me on Spotify here.

I’d love to hear what’s on your list? And also what you did today?

And how are you feeling?



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