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February 23rd, 2018

New Hair (Yeah Yeah).

When I make a change I like to make a CHANGE.

One you can see, one you can feel, one that might be mistake…but one that you no would have been a bigger mistake had you not tried.

Change is tough and fabulous in equal measure.

The older you get the easier it is to forget how changing something as simple as your hair (low risk, high impact) adds instant uplift to your spirit.

It helps you shift lanes. Look at your make-up, your wardrobe and your reflection differently.

And that is healthy.

I’ve been blonde since Gwyneth won an Oscar.

Literally from the very next day.  So you know…TIME.

My colourist Ash-Leigh Crocker (Colour Director at Valonz) is a genius. She’s created my bleach-free blonde for years and this shade of peachy, apricot was the perfect dip-my-toe in another colour compromise.

She is also so funny – I wish I could keep her in my handbag.

There are limits to long hair too and today I reached mine.

It was a curtain.

So, Nathan Di Natale (Senior Stylist at Valonz) chopped it off.

I wanted a textured, choppy kind of vibe. I can’t be a sleek bob – I look ridiculous. Nathan is so clever and I love this thatchy, undone cut.


is another handbag keeper. Hilarious.

So change I did and didn’t cry or whinge once.

Or look back.

Loving it hard – may the winds of change come calling you too.






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