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February 1st, 2017

Olivia Palermo Hair Bun.

olivia palermo-hair

Olivia Palermo has awesome hair.

Wardrobe isn’t bad either but the hair.

The hair is awesome.

Her signature messy-bun is one of my favourites because of ease and appropriateness.

It’s messed-up without being messy, not over-worked (and therefore not old-fashioned) and will lift any look.

This type of bun is like the blazer of the hair world. 

Throw it on and you’re good for anything the world throws your way.


Olivia Palermo How-To.


Step 1: Start by parting your hair in the middle. If this is too harsh for your hair line make it low, exact part to the left. Spritz your brush with hair spray and that will help holid down the fly-aways and give you a perfect finish.

Step 2: Secure your hair at the base of your neck into a ponytail. Use a clear elastic or one that is the same colour as your hair.

Step 3: From the underside of the ponytail start back combing your hair. You want to tease it to at least double it’s unteased volume. Fairy floss is the end result.

Step 4: Turn the ponytail inside out (almost like a sock) and secure the teased pieces into place using bobby pins. You want to keep all that volume so better to over-pin and keep it high than use less and squish it to your head. The look is messy and thatchy – don’t be worried about precision.

Step 5: Spray everything into place with a good firm hold spray and that’s it.

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