Dulce De Leche.


What if I told you that the easiest, made-with-love Christmas present is in the baking aisle at Woolworths and costs $3.80.

I fell in love with the caramel wizardry of Dulce De Lecheon a trip to Argentina a couple of years ago.

Translated it means 'Sweet of Milk' but essentially it's caramel sauce on crack.

Thick, gooey and perfect on ice cream, waffles, pancakes, as biscuit filling or my personal favourite - straight from the spoon.

Making it could not be easier. There is zero cooking involved. It's just three hours to heaven.

Add a pretty ribbon and brown paper shopping tag then put them under the tree as gifts.

Once open, it will last about ten days refrigerated.

But it never lasts that long.

(Easy) Dulce de Leche.



1 x 475gram can of condensed milk


1. Place the can on its side in a large, heavy bottomed pot filled with tepid water.  Make sure the water level is at least five centimetres above the can.

2. Bring to simmer over high heat then reduce the heat. For or a lighter caramel allow to simmer for two hours (this is my preference) and three hours for a darker caramel. Check the pot regularly to ensure the water level stays above the can, adding boiling water as necessary to top it up.

3. When simmered to taste, use a pair of tongs to remove the can from the water and set on a heat proof surface to cool down to room temperature. The label should have peeled away during the cook and left you with a nice clean can.

Do NOT open the can while it's still hot. The contents is extremely hot and pressurised which means it could spray dangerously and cause burns. Wait until completely cold.


Storage: Unopened cans can be stored in the cupboard (room temperature) for up to three months. Once opened transfer to an airtight container - I like an old jam jar - and refrigerated for up to three weeks.

But it won't last that long.

Paula Joye