Found! The Perfect Cotton Shirt.


A couple of months ago I discovered the perfect cotton shirts.

Affordable, made locally - the piece every woman over 30 needs in her wardrobe.

Irving & Powell was born when an Aussie New York based fashion executive (Victoria) and design-obsessed architect (Susannah) couldn't find a well-cut, quality cotton shirt.

You know the kind?

We've all 'borrowed' one from the man in our lives at some point - softly worn in, perfectly scrunched not wrinkled, sloped shoulders, slim waist...

Irving & Powell have taken all these attributes from mens tailoring and tweaked it for the female form.

It's the ultimate utilitarian wear with anything and forever shirt.

They literally sell one style for men and one style for women because there is no need for any other style because this one is perfect.

My picks are sage and pale pink and BTW the blokes shirts are perfect too.

StylePaula Joye