The Sheet Mask That Doesn't Forget Your Neck.

K Beauty(Korean Beauty) has totally changed the skincare landscape.

Our obsession with the mythical multi-step routine has seen essences,BB Creamsand sheet masksbecome part of western beauty vernacular.

The key difference between sheet masks and their manually applied cousins is the close dermal contact they engineer.  The fabric or hydrogel creates a physical barrier which seals in the active ingredients helping deliver them deep into the skin.

For this reason, sheet masks tend to be treatment specific - hydration, pigmentation, pore refining  - which makes them an important step in most anti-ageing routines.  

I've find results from sheet masks more akin to the results you get from a salon treatment - much more effective than regular at-home masks.


I was excited to preview test Clarins Super Restorative Instant Lift Serum Maskthe much-hyped new release from the brands premier anti-ageing range.

This is the first sheet mask in the world that treats the skin on your neck (and face).

Which is genius because your face really finishes at the top of your boobs. 

I've tried many, many sheet masks and this one is up there for innovation, fast results and affordability at the luxury end of the market.

Here's what makes it magical.

The How Come.

It makes so much sense: a sheet mask that treats your neck with the same TLC as your face. 


Clarins Super Restorative Instant Lift Serum Mask is the first radiance and firming mask to deliver active ingredients from the hairline all the way down (and around) to base of the neck.

The innovative mask is designed from stretchy material which moulds seamlessly to the skin and is secured by tabs over the ears and at the back of the neck.

It's hand down the most comfortable sheet mask I've used. Possibly because it's also the firmest. You could do the vacuuming while wearing it and it would not slip off.  

It does make you look like an extra from a horror movie but it's that extra snugness which creates the perfect protective barrier allowing the ingredients to penetrate in concentrated form.

Which means results.

The mask is full of powerful hyaluronic acid which has been supercharged with organic harungana extract and oat sugars. In combination these ingredients will improve plumpness, hydration, tone and radiance.

My barometer for radiance results is whether my  'tired look' has been eliminated. My skin looked visibly refreshed after a single use of this mask. . It also passed my plumpness test: press your fingers gently into the skin around your cheeks and watch for bounce back.

There's an impressive amount of serum in each package. Absolutely enough to cover the whole area but also a little extra to use on your décolletage or the back of your hands. Don't waste a drop of this stuff!

Like all sheet masks, this is no-mess and single-use which makes it brilliant for travel.

The How To.


When it comes to sheet masks, practice makes perfect.

These days I can almost apply one while driving and I certainly recommend using them when you're in the car -  ultimate in multi-tasking.

In this video, I apply the Clarins Super Restorative Instant Lift Serum Mask in five simple steps.

Also check out how GOOD my skin looks after application. Plumper right?!

Application TIP 1:Squeeze the excess serum out of the packet and use it on the back of your hands.

Application TIP 2:Keep the mask in the fridge to accelerate the de-puffing qualities. Also feels heavenly in the hot weather.


BeautyPaula Joye