Easy Summer Holiday Dinners


I love to cook. I do.

However, post Christmas I run out of steam like the battery operated Santa’s under the tree.

I’m literally over making food. For anyone.

Summer holidays are when I let go of all food snobbishness and give in to ease. This means a freezer and fridge full of ready to roast, steam, boil and bake meals that can be pimped into meals the whole family will love.

Add all the below buys to your Woolworths shopping cart, get them delivered and you will have little more to do than open a packet and chop some herbs.

One of my favourite finds of 2018, is the incredible In The RoundHouse flatware that I used in this shoot.

That’s my big tip: use the time I save cooking on making these easy meals look pretty. Use beautiful tableware and linen to make the meals an experience and experiment with different ways of presenting (and eating) your food.

We, you, us deserve the break….xoxox

Southern Fried Chicken With Coleslaw & Corn.

CLICK TO BUY PLATE:   (above right):     In The Roundhouse ‘Bon Appetit’ , $29.95 (each)

CLICK TO BUY PLATE: (above right): In The Roundhouse ‘Bon Appetit’ , $29.95 (each)

It doesn’t get much yummier than this spread does it!

Here, I have taken Woolworths Southern Style Crumbed Chicken Pieces (bake on an oven tray for 40 mins). Then used the Woolworths American Style ColeSlaw Kit to make mini pots of slaw.

The Woolworths Salad Kits are so clever - there’s zero work involved - they even come with dressing. I keep a couple in my vegetable drawer in the fridge at all times because they are the easiest way to pad out a meal.

I also steamed some corn and chucked it on the BBQ to grill the edges and complete my Southern poolside vibe.

SHOPPING LIST: Woolworths Southern Style Crumbed Chicken Pieces 850g, $ 9; Woolworths American Style Cole Slaw Kit 450g, $4; Woolworths Corn Cobbettes 425g, $4

Deconstructed Margarita Pizza.

If this dinner idea was any easier it would be embarrassing.

Take your favourite frozen pizza ( I love Woolworths Frozen Pizza Four Cheeses, $4) and cook in the oven until crisp.

Cut into small slices and stack on a small plate. Then add olives, fresh cut cherry tomatoes, salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil.

Serve on beautiful flatware with linen napkins and you have yourself an experience - not a pizza.

SHOPPING LIST: Woolworths Frozen Pizza Four Cheeses, $4; Woolworths Cherry Tomatoes, $3; Woolworths Olives Mixed Marinated, $19.95 (1kg)


Lamb Shanks With Cauliflower Rice & Zucchini Noodles.

I love the comfort of lamb shanks - they are an all year round family favourite.

For summer, I freshen up the vibe by swapping out mash potato for cauliflower rice which takes five minutes to steam (even quicker in the microwave) and - this has been a genius addition to the zucchini spaghetti.

The spirallised vegetable adds crunch and fibre to the dish. I don’t even steam the zucchini, I let the heat from the cauliflower rice and the lamb do the work.

Top with chilli, parsley - whatever herbs you like best.

SHOPPING LIST: Woolworths Simply Heat Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks, $18; Woolworths Simply Steam Zucchini Spaghetti 250g, $3; Woolworths Simply Steam Cauliflower Rice 250g, $3;Woolworths Simply Steam Zucchini Spaghetti 250g, $3


Sticky Ribs With Peaches & Potato Salad

Ribs. Summer. Beer. Happiness.

These are no BBQ required little bits of heaven. Simple heat in the oven for 25 minutes and watch them fall apart in your hands.

I made a simple potato salad using the pre-cooked Woolworths Simply Steam Potato Baby Herb & Butter which take minutes to bring to soft firmness. I cut the potatoes in half and then fold through some greek yoghurt, olive oil, lemon juice and salt and pepper.

Then I chargrilled some peaches but any in season stone fruit will add a nice bit of sweetness to the meal.

SHOPPING LIST: Woolworths Cooked Pork Ribs With Bbq Glaze 650g, $10; Woolworths Simply Steam Potato Baby Herb & Butter 400g, $5; Woolworths Greek Style Yoghurt 500g, $3

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