Skin Like A French Woman.


I covet the effortless, undone beauty of French women. There is something so glorious about their underworked style that is forever chic.

Skin maintenance starts very young in France.

Beauty routines and product recommendations are passed down through the generations. From grandmother to mother to daughter…with all the care of a special secret.

The emphasis in France is on natural, refined and real.

Age is considered sexy and its calling cards – laugh and life lines – are enhanced by a lifetime of good beauty practice.

We could do with a bucket of the same attitude in Australia. It’s a philosophy I intend to cultivate with my daughters.

I was genuinely thrilled when Clarins asked me to road-test the latest formulation of their cult skincare classic: Clarins Double Serum.  

It is a brand I trust and has been part of my beauty routine since I was a teenager – and it’s French.

My skin goal has always been measured by how I look with no make-up in the morning light.

As you age active, serums go a long way to supporting this goal by working on texture, tone and radiance.

Here are all the reasons you need to add France’s most famous serum to your own routine.


It's amazing how many women don't know what a serum actually does.

In simple terms: a serum delivers powerful ingredients directly into the skin. Made up of smaller molecules than a moisturiser or oil, serums penetrate the skin with a high concentration of active ingredients targeting specific concerns like fine lines, hydration and pigmentation.

Serums should not be confused with a moisturiser. Although both products often contain similar hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, the key difference is in texture.

Traditional face moisturisers are usually richer and work as barriers to keep hydration in and free radicals out.

Your best way forward for optimum skin health is regular application of each.

And What Makes This One So Special?

Clarins Double Serum is renowned for its unique hydric (water) and lipidic (oil) suspension system which delivers twenty one powerful botanicals deep into your skin.

The serum targets five vital skin functions – regeneration, protection, oxygenation, nutrition and hydration – promoting healthy and radiant skin for all skin types. That’s one of the reasons I think this serum has been so successful for so long. A family of women with different skin concerns can all use it to achieve varied results.

The significant addition in its eighth reformulation is the introduction of turmeric. Well known as a hard-working antioxidant, turmeric protects skin from oxidative stress (fatigue, breakouts and fine lines) and improves cell communication between your skin and the environment.

The result is radiance, and you know how I feel about glow.

An innovative, dual chamber system means each bottle contains two ingredient funnels – one containing an oil based serum (looks like honey) and the other a water based serum (looks like still water).

The pump dispenses an unmixed suspension of each, which you mix manually before applying to your skin (see below).

These clever tweaks mean the latest formulation will deliver radiance, improved tone and softer, firmer skin within four weeks.

The Results.


I applied Clarins Double Serum once a day for four weeks. For some reason, a single dose of active ingredients tends to give me the best results.

The first thing I noticed was the cool bottle. It has a rotating push button applicator, which allows you to bespoke your dosage (large or small) which is particularly handy for keeping ‘over use’ under control.

I used one large pump each day, and after a month I’d used about 30 per cent of the bottle. That’s impressive.

The nozzle dispenses the two serums in suspension – you can literally see the two colours on your hand – and then you can feel the product swell and activate as you warm it with your palms.

The texture is velvet soft and once absorbed feels weightless on your skin. After a couple of minutes, you’ll notice a very addictive cooling effect (almost like soft wind when you get out of the water), which fades after about fifteen minutes.

The serum also contains oat sugars, which have a tightening effect you’ll feel immediately after application and this in turn converted to renewed firmness over the trial.

When I pressed my fingers into my skin I could feel a difference in hydration.

By the third week, I could see an improvement in colour – everything was a little more even – particularly under the eyes and around my lip line.

Interestingly, I found dry spots were eliminated almost straight away. I’m not prone to break outs, but serums can trip me up and I did not have any congestion issues while using this.

While using Clarins Double Serum I noticed subtle but lasting changes. There’s no question that this serum is a winner for increased radiance and nourishment.

I was glowing within a week and by the end of the fourth week my skin felt firm and healthy.

Even enough to wear no foundation and just a slick of red lipstick.

Just as they do in Paris.

It's All In The Application.

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]

Clarins skin and body products are as much about application as ingredients and technology.

So I made a little how-to video to help a sister out.

Clarins Double Serum is most effective when applied the same way, every day. The delivery mechanics provide the dosage you need, and by Step Three it will be fully absorbed and ready for sunscreen or moisturiser.

GOOD TO KNOW: If you’re concerned about anti-ageing then this serum is most effective applied twice a day (after cleansing and before moisturiser) but it also works really well as a four-week radiance treatment (think weddings).

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