How To Wear A Mini.

Sometimes the dress wears you.

We all own a couple of these frocks that defy my number one style rule:Wear the dress. Don't let the dress wear you.

This flouncy mini from Maurie and Eveis one such dress.

On first look it's a cool LBD.

But add the sleeves, the frill and neoprene and it's something else all together.

You're a hot minute from a midnight tango in a bar in Buenos Aires.

I was in Bondi but in my mind I was in South America.

Such is the power of a good mini dress.

This is a great seasonless buy which is appropriate for my vintage because the top is as covered as you can get without a jacket.

Which BTW looks love cover the top of this with the sleeve poking out.

If you have been looking for a mini skirt moment.

This is it.


The Watch List.


1: Watch The Wind: This is KEY. When wearing a short skirt you need to think about the fact that what's underneath could be visible if the wind picks up. So never, ever a g-string. Opt for full brief or boy leg underpantsin the same colour as the dress.

2. Watch Your Heel Height: Flats paired with a mini skirt are right for every age. Night and day. Stilettos and a mini skirt are for night only (and even then you need to one careful). Ankle boots - with a low block heel - are great way of taking the obviousness out of a mini skirt. I like them in the colour of the dress or in a neutral to match your skin tone. These are on sale now. Free. BUY IT: Spurr Nicole Ankle Boot, $55.95 from The Iconic.

3. Watch Your Proportions:When you're exposing a lot of leg, it's a good idea to show less of everything else. Sleeves and a high neckline will keep your silhouette in proportion by balancing out all the skin on show. That's why this dress is perfect. 

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