Polka Dots In The Park.


It's not in every town you find a field of white flowers in what just might be the perfect polka dot dress.

Then Christchurch is not every town and New Zealand is not every country.

Called the most British city outside of Britian, Christchurch is at its most English during the Spring.

Flowers, birds, babbling brooks - all that's missing is Christopher Robin and the rest of the Hundred Acre Wood.

Dresses like this are made for backdrops like these.

The cities exquisate Botanical Gardens covered in white flowers and sunshine.

When I first saw this dress I thought it was perfect for Derby Day and then decided it was more than a one wear wonder.

This is a killer silly season dress, flattering and made from soft cotton.

Wear it like I have here with sneakers or a strappy red heels on Christmas Day.

And then I tell you it's $89.95.


StylePaula Joye