Anti-Ageing For Sensitive Skin.


 I've had lots of emails recently asking about affordable, anti-ageing skincare for sensitive skin.

Readers - even those who can tolerate high levels of active ingredients like retinol or Alpha Hydroxy acid - are noticing  the calling cards of sensitivity - inflammation, irritation and dehydration.

It's called ageing and it's fun stuff.

My skin has also been slipping south. The sudden season change combined with over-production of cortisol (stress) has created the perfect storm.  For the first time in years, I'm experiencing mild break-outs and the texture of my skin resembles the bottom of an old sand shoe.

Suddenly I'm the brand new owner of sensitive skin.

Eau Thermale Avène is a famous French Pharmacy brand (you know my love for French Pharmacy) with a heritage built around hydration, anti-inflammation and nurture. 

Avène Physiolift  targets fine lines, loss of plumpness, rough texture with highly effective active ingredients that will improve tone and volume without inflammation or irritation.

Plump & Sculpt.


The ranges hero (and newest) product is Avène PhysioLift Smoothing Plumping Serum, a power player that targets loss of volume, texture and hydration.

Avène PhysioLift Smoothing Plumping Serum combine two types of hylauraonic acid to provide instant correction (glow and lift) and long term benefit (skin architecture and hydration). Hyaluronic Acid Microspheres gives the skin an immediate plumping effect and Hyaluronic Acid Mono-Oligomers works beneath the surface on firming.

Underpinning the volumising agents is a strong antioxidant which improves luminosity and a moisturising wonder- ingredient called Hydro-Lift that delivers double the moisture concentration of traditional serums.

French women don't muck around when it comes to their skin so I was expecting big things.


I used Avène PhysioLift Smoothing Plumping Serum in conjunction with: Avène Physiolift Smoothing Day Cream, Avène Physiolift Wrinkle Filler and Avène Day Protector Tinted BB Cream SPF 30 (which I used in place of foundation about four days a week).

I also rediscoveredAvène Thermal Spring Water which delivers atomised spring water in a micro-soft spray and works well to reduce redness and inflammation.

It's also addictive. Particularly if you keep it in the fridge.

I noticed an improvement in skin texture and luminosity after just two weeks which was more rapid than I expected.  The Avène PhysioLift Smoothing Plumping Serumis light and soft. It absorbs quickly which creates an instant tightening effect. I also like to feel an immediate moisture boost from every product I put on my face and this serum delivered on that instant gratification.

I'm not convinced that you can see visible improvement in tone in the mirror. So my measure is whether I get compliments. If friends or family tell me that look well as opposed to tired (which is the most common refrain) then I know my skincare is doing the right things.

There’s also been a visble change in colour with my skin is looking less patchy  and a marked decrease in redness.

GOOD TO KNOW:All the Avène PhysioLift products are packaged in sleek white tubes that are hygienic and don't spoil the active ingredients (things like retinal don’t like light or oxygen).

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