Crazy Ingredients For Younger Skin.


When it comes to skincare ingredients really do matter.

Understanding which ingredients work on particular issues will lead the way to better, healthier skin.

I look for hyaluronic acid for hydration, retinol to fight pigmentation and refine texture and Vitamin B for glow.

So when a beauty range containing Jellyfish Complexand Dragon's Bloodhit my desk last month it immediately made me put down my coffee and pay attention.

There has been buzz on these two ingredients for the last two years but with patchy results, Skin Therapyis the first beauty brand to bring the ingredients to life in stable form at an affordable price.

Already the leading cosmeceutical brand in the grocery market,Skin Therapyhave been early adopter when it comes to using diverse botanical ingredients and have made interesting innovations at the pointy end of the anti-aging market.

Paraben free, not tested on animals and with most products in the range under $30, this is a high-performance brand to put on your radar.

Here's a breakdown on the products I'm trying and what these ingredients with crazy names can actually do for your skin. 


Turns out that jellyfish are the Benjamin Buttonof the ocean - capable of infinite reverse ageing.

In human terms,  this means a jellyfish can revert from about 30 years old to an embryo...and then start all over again.


This fountain-of-youth life cycle is being relentlessly studied in a quest to mimic this kind of  cellular repair and then add it to skincare.

Skin Therapyharness Juveleven  - a peptide which replicates the cells from the Immortal jellyfish. When this peptide is added to skincare it's proven to be highly effective in preventing DNA damage and the big one -  encouraging skin cells to regenerate.

The hero in the range is the Skin Therapy Eternal Jellyfish Complex DNA Miracle Crème which functions as both a day and night cream. The rich moisturiser is a master hydrator utilising marine collagen-boosters from an Atlantic Jellyfish to plump and firm skin tone. This sits alongside gentle AHA's which resurface and the Jueleven Peptide  fights DNA damage at a cellular level.

Also worth a try is the Skin Therapy Eternal Jellyfish Miracle Gel Exfoliator. This is a non-abrasive exfoliator uses plant AHA’s instead of micro beads to gently polish your skin and remove dry, flaky patches.

Expect jellyfish peptide to be the beauty buzz word of 2018.