Faux Fur Jackets.


Faux fur jackets. Every woman deserves at least one in her wardrobe.

Preferably two. Preferably over sized.

It's necessary for the Penny Lane that lives inside us all.

Technically, this style of coat - cropped or long-  will be one of the most impractical pieces of clothing you'll ever own...but the way it makes you feel.

It holds the same magic as tiara and tulle.

It's going to take you somewhere.


For me, it's the summer of 1968 in London.  When the Beatles, Bowie and The Stones were young and friends. In a jacket like this one I walk those fashion boards in my mind. Play the soundtrack in my head.

Black long line shag like this one will never be off trend. Like Kate Moss (who owns many). This jacket is an icon.

Put one on and you'll never look back.

Now for the drum roll: this jacket is $139.

And it comes in blush cream as well.

Did I buy both? Um...

StylePaula Joye