Fitness Boot Camp For Your Skin.

Summer bodies are made in winter.

I know this through trial and error. Mostly error.

That shall not be me this year. My summer body shall be made now.

Fitnesshas become an essential part of my life. It manages my anxiety, allows me to eat food I love and also enjoy my wardrobe.


I'm committed to the way exercise makes me feel everyday and the benefits it delivers long term. is only one part of healths' warm apple pie - diet, skin and soul sit on the other sides of the wheel.

Skin fitness is an area I traditionally ignore. Body moisturising is my beauty Bermuda Triangle. I'm hopelessly inconsistent. To the point of never, really doing it.

So I seem to always hit the warmer months with dry, scaly and very out-of shape skin.

Time plays a big factor. I don't have much and that usually goes maintaining the skin on my face. Next focus is hair. Then nails. Maybe fake tan. Body cream? Not so much.

I'm committed to changing that and becoming skin fit for summer.

I unashamedly want softer, well moisturised, glowy skin like J.Lo.

Over the next six weeks, I will be trialling two products from Alpha Keri Body SlimFit:  a premium range (from a brand I love) which targets skin issues we all share: cellulite, stretch marks, slimming and firming. 

I've chosen Alpha Keri Body SlimFit Heat-Activating Slimming and Firming Serum to use on my legs because I would like both those things please. An also it's a hot cream and I love a beauty gadget.

And perhaps because I'm sceptical - I'll be using Alpha Keri Body SlimFit Bust Lift and Firm Creamon my boobs.  The décolletage is one of my favourite parts of every woman's body and if I can wind back the clock on the appearance of mine (and lift my boobs) then that would be sensational. 

Like any fitness regime - you only get back what you put in. So, I'm committing to using the products every single day, as directed and without exception.

Even if it means setting the alarm ten minutes earlier.

I'm super interested to see just how visible the results will be.

Stay tuned.... 

Better Boobs, Firmer Butt?


Alpha Keri Body SlimFit Bust Lift and Firm Cream: With a big promises to help firm and lift the bust, this product uses active ingredients from the African Boabab Tree(literally a plant with super powers) to creates an instant tightening effect and collagen microspheres which increase in volume to fill out your shape. It should be applied in a circular motion over the breasts and up to the top of the décolletage. Daily. Think of it a like an invisible bra. Studies showed 83%  of women experienced visibly improved breast fullness and shape after four weeks, while 50% of women experienced a push-up effect. Bring it on.

Alpha Keri SlimFit Heat-Activating Slimming and Firming Serum, $49.95:This serum promises reduction of fat on the waist, tummy, thighs and hips. It also claims to slim, firm, contour your silhouette. It's hero ingredient is a Fat Burner + Caffeine Pro-Complexwhich helps boost the metabolism and minimise fluid retention. Alpha Keritrials showed 87% of women experienced fat reduction and 100%*confirmed firming, smoothing and hydration of the skin.

It's a hot cream (yaass!) that needs to be applied to problem areas twice daily and you'll need six weeks before results are visible. So, this one takes extra commitment (like that final set of lunges)  but it makes me more confident that the results will be effective. 


CLICK TO BUY: Alpha Keri Body SlimFit Heat-Activating Slimming and Firming Serum, $49.95;Alpha Keri Body SlimFit Cellulite Reductor and Slimming Serum, $49.95;  Alpha Kerri Body SlimFit Bust Lift and Firm Cream, $49.95.

AND ANOTHER THING: I've decided to try the Alpha Keri Cellulite Reductor and Slimming Serumas well. On my stomach. I don't have a lot of cellulite (small blessings counted) but my tummy could do with some firming.  And also, yolo 

Photography by Emmy Etié

In collaboration with Alpha Keri