Magic Tape.

This productis fun.

It's like Maxwell Smart'sshoe phone - cool, gadgety and a little bit stealth.

Estee Lauder New Dimension Expert Liquid Tapeis the surprise package in the heritage brands break-out skincare collection. This innovative new range  focuses on transforming and enhancing rather than turning back-the-clock.

It's more: 'let's work with your wrinkles' rather than "we must get rid of them'.

Even the campaign imagery which features Eva Mendes has a fresh realism to it. You can see her skin texture, there's a slight shadow under her eyes and some life lines in there too.

It's an exciting step forward and was one of the main reasons I was keen to get involved in early testings of the four hero products.

Particularly this little baby.


Estee Lauder New Dimension Expert Liquid Tape has CULT written all over it.

A little like the gauze tape make-up artists use to give celebrities a faux face lift, this tube holds the liquid equivalent. Fast-acting polymers work fast to temporarily tighten skin around the eyes, cheekbones and mouth.

A couple of gentle swishes and your skin appears smoother and firmer.

This style of magic paste has been around in film and television for decades. I'm talking old, Old Hollywood - as far back as Clara Bowand Greta Garbo.

I've worked with make-up artists who mix their own (flour, water, glue, clay, molasses (true stories)) and these Hillbilly Brews have been miracle workers when early morning shoots and my puffy undereyes collide.

Puff has always been my Achilles heel. While I don't get very dark, I do get a pouch of puff (essentially fluid build-up) under my eyes that can be really tricky to tighten.

A little of this in just the right spot and the puff looks tauter and lifted. Up to fifty per cent better. And I'd take twenty.

Estee Lauder New Dimension Expert Liquid Tape works on the things like sag and slip which no other product has delivered before.

It's the Spanx of skincare.

A glamourous make-up bag addition with instant-fix appeal.

Find me a woman who doesn't want that?

The How To.


Every skin absorbs product differently so play around until you get the hang of the application techniques and a feel for how much your face needs.

1. Apply Estee Lauder New Dimension Expert Liquid Tape to clean, dry skin—beforesunscreen, moisturiser or makeup.

2. This stuff is strong and a little goes a long way. So use a light hand. Twist the applicator to ON and squeeze a half-pea-sized drop onto tip. Next, twist it back to OFF before beginning the application so you don’t overload your face with more than you need.

3. Apply to the following target areas, aiming for a super thin layer. Keep all application movements in single, light upward sweeping strokes.

1) From outer brow bone, move out and up toward temples.

2) Then move from upper cheekbones up toward temples.

3) From corner of mouth, sweep up under cheekbones.

4. Apply anywhere else you feel you need a tightening sensation then allow to dry for two minutes or until completely set. NB: you musn’t apply lots of little strokes – the best results come from long, single, unbroken lines

5. Gently – and I mean gently– apply skincare and makeup. Think about the liquid as actual sticky tape – if you pull or swipe it will snap. You want to pat and tap all other products into your skin. Expect this method to add another five minutes to your regular application routine.

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