Photos From My Wedding.

Fifteen years ago today I got married.

It was (and remains) one of the greatest days of my life. All these years later - I laugh, cry, swoon - about him, the day - all of it.

We wanted it to be a great celebration and the reception was held at my husband's Dad's house under a big white tent that was an explosion of hot pink peonies, bowls of cherries, cake stacks of roses, Moroccan lanterns and long Italian feast tables - no one really did that kind of thing back in 1998.

It was exactly how I wanted it to be - full of fun, friends, family and a fiesta.

I feel so very lucky to have experienced grand love and all its ups and downs. My husband Saxon, has always been much more than my best friend (which he is) and brings new, bright, shiny things to my life consistently and constantly. Of course we have very beige days but I believe: No rain. No rainbow.

This morning I opened up our wedding box - I don't have an album - I have a shoe box. We had no 'official shots' taken and absolutely none in the church (I wanted to remember that part in my heart) and so the photos of the day are literally just snaps of moments - celebration, family and love.

Back in the olden days we didn't have digital cameras either so I snapped some of the printed shots in the box with my iPhone and share them with you here. Today. Fourteen years later.

Love long and well.


WellnessPaula Joye